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Framing Dance: Experiment Two

Password: fypfyp

This is my second draft for Elbphilharmonie. It is still very very rough but I made some changes according to what was discussed.

The background is changed to a high resolution image of a concrete texture and I added the banner is that ever-present on the screen. 

The entry is still sliding in but I played with the rhythme of the footage by adding in stills. On the top right of the screen, I experimented with brush strokes. 

Small frames, identical footages slowly fade in on the banner itself. The frames also follows the dimensions of the three black frames. 

The footages eventually black out and became a wide shot of a HDB facade. 

I also experimented with cutting the frame diagonally and overlay close up shots of dance movements. 

Notes and areas of improvement:

  • Weak entry; slide in may not be effective for intro
  • Considering not using frames but simple a wide shot of an architecture.
  • Experiment more with slicing frames.
  • Remember to shoot your footages in 4K so that the images are clear crisp.

At this point of time, I think it is best to get my hands on and start shooting.