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LORE: Atkello


In 314 BC, a prophecy in Kingdom of Craszava foretold that the right to the throne goes to the one who is supported by the descendant of Atkello witch tribe.

In 310 BC, Kingdom of Craszava is threatened by the fast expanding kingdoms around them. Craszava have been experiencing rather slow growth for years and their borders are often infringed by other kingdoms.

The current king of Craszava is old and superstitious so he wants to choose the successor to the throne according to the prophecy. He then issues a royal edict which says the one who gains the support of Atkello descendent shall be the next king. Since then, all the Craszavian prince set off on a journey to locate the Atkello witch tribe.


The Atkello is the legendary witch tribe in Craszava which assisted the Craszavian kings since 531 BC. Their existence was not explicitly recorded in the history of Craszava but can be inferred from the events and rituals recorded. They were believed to be the ones who assisted the Craszava kings and led the kingdom to flourish.

However, a disastrous war broke out in 403 BC which wiped out almost 85% of the witch tribe. Hence, the elder in Atkello made the decision to isolate themselves from the world. They do not wish to participate in the governance of Craszava .

Both of you are the Prince of Craszava who will be going on the journey to locate the Atkello witch tribe.
However, before you guys set off, you have to decide your
1) Name
2) Appearance
3) Attribute Points (STR, AGI, INT)
4) Weapon of your choice
5) Size of entourage*
6) Luggage**

If you want, you can also include information about your background or a portrait of your character.

*Min: 1 ; Max: 3
**You are allowed to bring 6 items as your luggage, it can be anything that you think you might need it during the journey. Eg: Parchment paper and ink. Items that are complement will be counted as 1 item.

Bon Voyage!

  1. Name: Prince Wind (王子风*yes, really*)

    Male, 14 Years old, around 145cm tall, actual height unknown as Wind never answer it whenever being asked. Caramel colored center parting hair reaches shoulder length, sky blue left eye and light brown right eye. Wearing a set of coarse scraggy brown colored outfit which seem to be old and rugged. Carrying a yellowish red (NOT ORANGE) backpack which contain some items which Wind do not allow his entourage to carry it for him. A red glove with a weird symbol was never removed even when Wind is bathing.

    1 Str
    3 Agi
    4 Int

    Weapon: A vanadium titanium alloy Blowpipe with 30 dart quiver.

    Size of entourage: 2

    Luggage: Grappling hook and Rope, navigation kit, Potions and healing items, Swiss Army Knife, Multilingual Dictionary, Royal Emblem

    Background story:
    Wind was the second youngest of all legal prince, being the youngest, many of his elder brother would dote on him except for a few which saw Wind as a threat who is kind of easy to be removed due to his immaturity.
    Wind is a champion in Blowdart world competition for 3 consecutive years in the category of ‘Accuracy’ and ‘Acrobatic’, representing Craszava since the age of 11 and has never got anything lesser than a champion. Trained by Craszava Royal Council every since he could remember, fluent in language, Math, Human biology and psychology, Art of war and Taichi.
    Wind started late as he could only speak from the age of 7 and the the family thought he was disabled, on his 7th birthday, Wind miraculously speak every known words and phrase of Crazavalish.

  2. 1) Name: Prince Batulh
    2) Appearance: Clean shaven, lean build at 172cm, wears a golden studded turban and a set of royal blue robes. 16 years old.
    3) Attribute Points: STR: 1 | AGI: 4 | INT: 3
    4) Weapon of your choice: a Kris dagger
    5) Size of entourage: 1
    6) Luggage: Special bottle of homebrewed wine, a bunch of ropes, a documented book on the Atkello witch tribe

    Background: Mastered in Astronomy to aid in his navigation, Prince Batulh is a clean freak. He likes to travel light and alone (hence only 1 entourage). At the age of 7, he read about the Atkello witch tribe and has been studying them since. He has great speed and stamina and strong mental strength.