in Emergent Dream


Both Prince Batulh and Prince Wind are paternal half-brothers. Prince Batulh appears to be anti-social towards anybody except for Prince Wind as they were taken care of by the same nanny since young. Prince Batulh took up the role of taking care of Prince Wind whenever the nanny was busy as Prince Wind is younger than Prince Batulh. Hence, they share a closer relationship as compared to other siblings.

It’s the 4th day after the Royal Edict was issued.

Prince Wind had came back from his morning blowdart training at the training field while Prince Batulh was reading through his Astronomy Journal. A servant from their mothers, Lady Eliza and Lady Lloza, came to inform both of you to meet your mothers in the General Meeting Room in North Wing of the palace.

Both of you arrived at the meeting room and was greeted by 2 servants. The servants kneeled down to remove your shoes before opening the door of the meeting room.

“I know you both do not want to fight for the throne, but we need to save your dad. King is sick again. I’ve heard that the Atkello group can help to cure illness too. Please set off soon to join in the search.” Lady Eliza said loudly and sternly.

“4 princes had set off during the past 4 days, my advice would be to start the search from a different place so that all of you can search more areas in a shorter time. I’m really worried about King’s condition so I hope that someone will bring the Atkello witch back soon.”

Map of Craszava

Both of you are standing at the back gate of the Imperial Palace with your entourage while waiting for the grooms to bring the horses to you. Prince Wind pulls out a map of Craszava and Prince Batulh is reading a list of pointers that he listed from his study of Atkello Group. There are 6 guards standing at the sides of the gate.

The clutter of the horses’ hoofs caught Prince Batulh’s attention. Prince Batulh then walks to Prince Wind to study the map together.

What will the both of you do next? Please also decide on where to start your journey together.


  1. I walked towards the 6 guards to ask them if they know the direction which the 4 princes went. *while holding my royal emblem on my hand*

    • “I’m not sure… about where they are heading to but they turned left at the junction in front.” The guard standing closest to you replied and he gestured another guard to come forward. Another guard came forward and handed a pass to Prince Batulh and you. “Have a safe journey and we wish Prince Batulh and Prince Wind all the best.” All the guards got on their knees with their right palm over their heart.

        • “It’s the permission pass to leave the palace and also it’s a form of identity showing that you are from the Imperial Palace. Please refrain from showing this pass unnecessarily and also for the safety of Your Highness, please do not reveal your identity to outsiders other than the local government officers.”

  2. I took the pass and kept it beside my Kris, where it is the safest. Looking at the list of pointers, I have decided to head to the north-eastern side of Thrium.

  3. I receive the pass and keep it into my yellowish red bag, took out my navigation kit and look at the direction, I’ll go with my brother. “THERE!!!” *point to north-eastern Thrium* “LETS GO BRAADAAHH!!”

  4. Both Prince Batulh and Prince Wind got on their horse and called “Hasa-nobah!” which meant “Good Luck” in Craszavalish. It’s the custom in Craszava to call out this phrase before someone set off on a long journey.
    They move towards the direction of North Eastern Thrium.