in Emergent Dream

LORE 2: Kiatos

Craszava focuses on agricultural sector for their economy. Every household member has to work in the field and produce output according to the target set by the officials in the Imperial Palace. The great amount of agricultural products in Craszava had attracted many wildlife from around the kingdom to move to Craszava. There are sightings of many different wildlife around the forests and mountain areas of Craszava. The wildlife in Craszava consists of animals which are gentle to animals which are more aggressive in nature.

On top of all these, there were a few sighting of Kiatos, a type of familiar spirit in the form of dog, in the forest and also on borderline of Craszava. They are brown in colour and their fur are long and frizzy. They give off a stench when they are agitated but they will have a pleasant fragrance usually. It was believed that the stench is also a type of weapon for the Kiatos. The stench carries venomous microscopic worms which will attack the attacker’s lungs and it will spread from there on to the heart and brain, eventually taking over the body of the attacker. The body will be left in the forest for the birds to feed on.

There are rumors that these Kiatos are not offensive in nature but they will retaliate aggressively to those who tries to harm them. On the other hand, they will requite people who helped them in time of need. They always travel alone.