in Assignment Wk 3

[Response] Anthropology of Mobile Phones by Jan Chipchase.

Jan Chipchase gave this talk around 10 years ago. It’s really amazing how many things had changed within 10 years. Most importantly, the change of lifestyle and doing of things.

He mentioned about 3 most essential items to bring out – money, phone and keys. However, in today’s time, seemingly all these items are amalgamating into 1 – Smart phone.

Ibanking, E-wallets, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay: readily available on our smart phone, just a tap and a scan, there you go, you can make your purchase.
Even keys, many homeowners are switching to digital lock simply because they find it convenient and efficient. For eg, coming home with bags of groceries, one no longer needs to put down all the bags and rummage through your pockets/bag for key to open the door. Just stick out your finger for a scan or simply punch in some number and you’re home.

Due to the immediacy of smartphone, the support for this leap in technology rose rapidly over the time, impacting not only those with financial capabilities but also children and even elderly.

The time now had made life so convenient and efficient and smartphones are delegated with this important task of SURVIVAL.

A few things that we do have to think about will be, how are we going to include or assist those people who are forgotten by the continua advancements in technology? Also, how to keep ourselves safe in this technological-time?