in Group 7 - Yi Wen / Yayu

Week 9 Updates

A little recap for last week:

We started on mock up after we had some idea on how we want the whole installation to look like, we used some plasticine and wire to make our mock up.

We did realize that the mock up do not look close to what we’ve imagined.

Key issues for this mock-up:
– Lack of resemblance to tree now, more resemblance to tiny plants

Possible Considerations
– Increase the overall height of the installation
– Introducing the idea of branching out from one to strengthen concept of tree

We did not continue to experiment with the plasticine and wire after this, instead we dive straight in to CAD it out. Meanwhile, one of us will continue experimentation with the type of seat.

For this week, we had refined our proposal, including rendering and a superimposed image to see how it will look like at the site.

To strengthen the North Hall’s identity and repopulating the communal plaza with seating sculptures.

Inspired by the names of the 3 halls: Banyan, Binjai and Tanjong, the tree-shaped seating sculptures aim to encompass the unique characteristics of the above trees respectively; positive outreach, fruitfulness and nurturing. Seats are positioned irregularly to invite spontaneous gathering from the residents. The solar-powered lights provide a warm and comforting ambiance for people to hang out during the nighttime.

Proposed Idea
Seats for 5 dispensed randomly around the light source. Visual representation of the tree characteristics:
• Banyan – Positive outreach: gradual ascendance from the height of the seats
• Binjai – Fruitfulness: collective mass of seats as a whole
• Tanjong – Nurturing: cradling feeling when seated

Arrangement of the seats are all facing each other, but at the same time also seats are sectioned in a way that users can also be engaged with a smaller group of 3 or lesser.

Light source available here to encourage users to try out the installation even at night. As there is a lack of light source at that area at night, our seating sculptures will stand out from the surrounding and also be a light source for the people passing by.

Below are the renderings:

(With lights on)

(Without lights)

(Top view of whole installation – light source covering whole area)

(Overall seats distribution)

(Showcase of different seats)

(Expected seating posture of users)

(Night View, showcase all seats)

(Trying out with a darker wood) 

(Superimpose on site) 

We are still experimenting with the forms of seat, especially on how we can joined the seating and the back/arm rest. We are also experimenting with how we can connect 2 seats together, or even 3 seats. To enhance the shape of tree, like how branches also intertwine together.

For next week,

We are looking into further enhancing the structure, trying out different seatings.

  1. be careful! you’re going too close to Peter Opsvik’s Garden, it might be considered plagiarism
    please, try to design something substantially different