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Creative Industry Report: Fan Ho

Fan Ho works in a unique way that he patiently waits for the “right moment” before he captures it with his camera. He sometimes waits for days or even weeks just to observe the surroundings and wait for the right shot and he frames it against a well-composed background, using patterns and texture and even including geometry in his photos.

In his shots, you can see how he uses leading lines or even light and shadows to create a focus on the subject matter. Fan Ho also frames his works to contain the subjects and elements creating a world or space in the photograph.

So what can I learn from photography?

Change of space and get inspiration.

Use photography as an outlet to flex and exercise the creative part of your mind. Instead of just creating another artboard or working on another design project. Go out, change your environment. Breathe. Observe the surroundings and let your camera loose.

Explore other ways of being creative other than just staring at your screen and wait for inspiration.

Practice visual balance and composition

Rule of thirds, breathing space, leading lines, repetition. They all apply to both photography and visual communication. If you can understand the application in one, you can definitely apply it to the other.

Improve visual communication

Instead of “I don’t know what to put here, I’m just gonna put random circles and create a pattern,” put meaning in the things you include in the layout. Same way as to how you include things in a photo to add to the story behind the subject matter.