[FD 4D] Project 2: Reflection – Image and Text Task 2

Idea and Preliminary Exploration

What is the topic/theme/subject concerning your photo essay?

The word reflection is commonly known to many the idea of thinking. Thinking of an event, an idea, a current affair, or a state of mind. Personally, reflection in that sense becomes linear, even to the point of having tunnel vision. My focus, ironically, is about the process of reflection.

What is the point you would like to raise and why is it important?

Well, when one is reflecting on something, maybe it is something negative one have done or a rough point in his life. Do not fully focus on that issue/thing in front. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and look back, look back at what one had done good, the achievements made, the people/friends supporting. Look back at what one has.

What would be the title of your work?


Selected 24 out of a total of 398 images

A journey I jogged through. If we were to look at it from a linear perspective, it would be 16KM. Except, the destination is not the last picture. It was, in fact, the one in the middle with the statues of hippos. All the shots after the hippos were in fact taken from another perspective from the opposite end of the sequence of shots. ie: 1 to 24, 2 to 23, 3 to 22 and so on. By looking things from a different perspective, the journey of reflection can be shortened. Certain elements in some pictures also have been altered, like the colours removed from the focal object to emphasise the idea of achievements/milestones.

After Critique

Main feedback – how to use photos to clearly illustrate my point without my presence to vocally explain the idea behind my photo essay

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