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Sketches 1A

Sketch 1

Use custom zigsim touch cards for safe entry to automatically light up the correct seats . After seated, customers can use the provided phone and corresponding touch cards to make different requests:

  • like praise the chef for food
  • ask for table service
  • for bill etc

when requests are made, the lights will turn to different colour combinations so that waiters can respond accordingly

led strips on floor can direct customers to enter and exit.


Sketch 2

Roller coasting at home with family and friends. Basically a seat on gyro structure, with ropes for friends to pull. Phone with zigsim positioned around seat area that detects orientation and translates that to corresponding LED strips. LED strips are in chasing lights configuration, implying speed and movement. Add-ons would be a mounted fan in front of user


Sketch 3

Neck gadget senses surrounding crowd concentration, and if its not ideal, bracelet will start pulsating in red, else green or blue.


Sketch 4

Same neck gadget, but this time output is to a shirt with LED signs, to ward people off.


Sketch 5

Earring to tell people your temperature, thus serving as a warning/reassurance to others. A thermostat is stuck into ear, and LED strip hanging from ear provides color indication of bodily temperature.


Sketch 6

The safe distancing picnic mat. When people approach, the lights surrounding will start to pulsate faster in red, otherwise, it will be yellow and in slow pulses.