in Process, Sketch-Gesture

Sketch – Gesture

this is a 2-user device, one set for each. The premise: rather than the tedious process of picking up your mobile and texting your friend or loved one, you can now scribble a gesture on ur computer and give him/her a piece of your mind. The led strip is articulated by a simple robot snake(no good reason for making so) to form specific shapes, for a grand total of 7. i try to match the led animation and colors appropriately for the given gesture as well.

boxed ones are the final shapes i used for the snake robot

initially i had tried with hand gestures coupled with handOSC and wekinator, but the recognition proved unreliable. Leapmotion didn’t fare better due most probably to information-overload(yes its partly my fault too), but curiously with the mouse input example from wekinator and a few small tweaks, i was able to get reliable results with only 2-3 samples for each mouse-written gesture.