Typography I – Star Wars: Return of the Typeface

Star Wars: Return of the Typeface

For the last project of Typography I, I decided to expand on Project 3A, type as picture. And decided to apply on miniature character called cubeblocks.

At first I wanted to apply type as picture’s technique and applied it in on poster below:

unfinished, halfway through.

But at the last minute, I was reminded of this Darth Vader keychain that I bought a year ago and thought why not do some paper craft. So I researched on papercrafts and stumbled upon a great collection of papercrafts. 

I then applied my type as picture from my project 3A (the darth vader’s one) to the generic layout of the cubeblock and started curating from there. I also colorized the lightsaber to match the theme.


I then printed these and cut my life away in A4 size.


Four sides of Darth Vader.

Four sides of Storm Trooper.

Four sides of Luke Skywalker.

Four sides of Han Solo.

Four sides of Chewbacca.

Designing the diorama background applying the type as picture as well.

Setting the final position for presentation later.

Overall I think that this project is pure fun and cultivate my craftsmanship in cutting and scoring. With the application of type as picture as the basis to this project I feel that it could be applied to anything that you can imagine.

At long last, Typography I..

May the Force be with us all (in terms of grades) 🙂

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