in Rhymes (Final)

Finals! I edited the witch and the many children to give the effect of more children and to make it slightly funnier because the children are all stacked up in this really tight crowd at the bottom. I also deleted some of the children off the last picture to give some space in the composition. I love that the whisks look like hot air balloons. The first one is also one of my favorite, with the children being ‘whipped’ into these ‘whirlwinds’ that look like roses. The top right picture is the very first line, with the woman living in a shoe on top of a.. none other than a shoe mountain. It always confuses me why a girl has so many shoes (myself included), so this is my way of poking fun at it. I think if I grow old and all my old shoes are compiled, I can build a mountain out of it.

It’s been a really fun project, especially with all the playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator. I love the idea of vintage engraved illustrations. Maybe I’ll even make some in the future if I have some free time– which I doubt, because I’m in uni right now, but who knows?