in Assignment 1 – Research & Process

Self-Portrait, Part III

This post is all about me scanning myself to get the best results of composition and squished-up faces. Below are process videos and a 30-second skit.

I had fun filming this skit. (Bonus points for making you laugh?)

It was quite funny scanning your face, although it is hard to compose the way I want to as it is so spontaneous. But I did have a lot of takeaways from this exercise.

  1. The nose is always turned up, like a pig’s nose. It adds to the illusion of pressing the nose on something.
  2. The way the lips squish are not quite appealing. I feel that instead of using the way it contorts when it is scanned, I would be better off drawing a drooly face to show my desire for the things in the supermarket shelves and fridges.
  3. My scanner has really weak lights so I did not have to close my eyes. Although I probably should have.
  4. Composition-wise, I will stick to the thumbnail I had drawn because of the sheer absurdity of the large eyes and squished-up proportions. (I would proceed to regret this decision later because of the difficulty in rendering the illustration in a pleasant way. I got through it, but it was hell.)