[4D] Meaningful Exchange – Task 2 (FINAL)

Title: Lend Me A Hand

This performance piece is about the communication between our limbs and brain and how we don’t seem to notice and appreciate what our bodies do for us on auto pilot. Things such as being able to receive information quickly from the brain to our body parts. This is an example of what it might be like if our limbs do not listen to the brain. After the project, I realised that this could also be used to address physical issues that some people have, or to be used for team building exercises as it involves a lot of effective communication.

The initial idea was for my “hands” to create an art piece with me leading it. However, after consultation, I changed it to just doing normal everyday things instead as it would have more examples for “screw ups” just to serve as an example of the hardships of not having limbs listen to the brain.


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