[PATTERN] WIP – Sketch to Digital

I started sketching out the rough draft of how I want my banner to look. Of course, this is subjected to change, but I wanted to get a feel of the silhouettes for my motifs.

Moving on, I did some really rough colour drafts just to get an overall feel of my banner.

Then I did some style tests. I wanted to go for a realistic painterly style but it took up waaaayy too much time so I opted for the last style which is detailed yet slightly stylised.


After these tests, I went ahead and sketched my motifs. I wanted to draw a mix of fruits with vines, fruits that are just the cross section, and fruits that are sliced up. This would give me a variety of silhouettes to explore when making my pattern.

Then I went to digitise these. Each motif took around 2 hours.


This is just a very haphazard and rough composition just to check if my motifs are looking ok…



Some swatches from my motifs!



Then I did some mockups for fun


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