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Week 2 In-class Activity: Drawing Portraits

During week 2’s illustration class, we got to get in pairs and draw a portrait of someone we were not close to in class. And my partner was Qistina!

The timer was set at 15 minutes and we were all paired up, observing and drawing each other.

After the 15 minutes was up, we placed all our pieces on the table for a quick view of everyone’s work and we were very amazed by everyone’s take on drawing the other person!

On to activity 2,

We were tasked to draw on our paper using geometric shapes and there were specific instructions that were given to us, like drawing the first shape in the second shape etc (I cannot remember the exact instructions), but the instructions come in a series and at the end of all the instructions, it is out end piece!

We had another round of showcase to see how each other’s works all turned out!