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Daryl and Yi Dan’s Binaural Sound Recording


Our sound clip is inspired by Pacman but it spots the following differences:
1. Pacman becomes the character you avoid.
2. You only have 1 life.

This was our initial storyboard:

1. Coin going down vending machine
2. Pac-man BG music with atmospheric noise
5. Someone/or many running pass
6. Monster chomping sound getting closer
7. Someone saying “Hurry what are you doing!”
8. keyboard left button fast pressing
9. “To the left hurry!”
10. Character running hitting walls sides
11. Hits front wall
12. “Too much idiot, reverse reverse”
13. fast button pressing again
15. Chomping gets louder
14. (Half way through running back) “Here towards me, hurry”
15. repeat to show change in distance
16. (suddenly background chaotic)
17. (faraway user aggressively testing keyboard “hey why is this not working”
18. “Alright buddy you’re own your own”
19. panic turning head
20. anyhow running and trapped then monster chomping sound gets louder
21. then chomping sound bcomes the only sound
22. game over sound

However, after recording and editing, we have narrowed down to remove both the in-game and real life character, focusing mainly on the experience of the in-game character. Having too many layers made the sound clip too noisy and, also we had to take note of time limitation.

Revised storyboard:
1. Coin going down vending machine
2. Pac-man BG music with atmospheric noise
3. keyboard button fast pressing
4. Portal sound
5. Pac-man BG music, echo-ed
6. Many running pass, urging character to run
7. Faint screaming sound
8. Pacman chomping sound getting closer
7. Guardian voice appears “What are you doing? You gotta run”
8. Running footsteps
9. Turning corners
10. Guardian voice fades, tension built
11.  Character hits front wall
12. Pats surrounding walls- got stuck
12. Pacman sound gets closer
13. then bcomes the only sound
14. ‘BOOM’
15. Game over sound effect

Filming locations:
Level 2 corridor and stairwell, Vending Machines

Additional Sound Effects from:

Arcade Ambiance

Pac Man Waka Waka

Transforms SFX