in Image Making Through Type

Image Making Through Type

What my type mean to me

I have always based my work around the women’s theme hence, I wanted to make a type and have an overarching theme about the life the ladies out there and on the judgement and oppression women are under. Also to celebrate women’s accomplishments and a little touch of my own experiences inside.


Typeface in skin by Thijs Verbeek.

Finger Type by Jonathan Looman

Bodyface font by Kiyoka Katahira

My work

I am a model.

This work is inspired by Thijs Verbeek and Kiyoka Katahira
I took inspiration from Versace and Vetements’s model casting where they will just take Polaroids of the models and write about them. As they are Polaroids, they can not be digitally manipulated. However, that is what I did.
I want to show me forcing my body in a certain way, like this uncomfortable look. As I always wanted to be a model, but never good enough, hence I wanted to make it look like a model casting.
However, of course I can’t always make my body and all look like the letters, hence I digitally manipulated it to make it what I want it to look like and then took a Polaroid of it. this also brings up the topic of how like Facetune and all is used to deceive the eyes and make pictures look better than it is. It’s like how we are just all kinda narcissistic and kinda wanna try to fit it, to look better, either by physically or digitally manipulating our body and pictures. I also written my weight, my height etc. most of my information to make myself more exposed and uncomfortable.

I am the president.

I wanted to show how our female president is kinda like just a front and a puppet. I want to show like invisible hands at the back kinda controlling her. I really want to question if our election as really suggest a movement forward for women in this country.

I am a Kardashian.

I wanted to show a celebration. The colors I used are mainly colors on the china national flag. The Kardashians might have a bad vibe around it but what makes the Kardashians so successful is because they handle you got to admit even after through all the drama and scandal.
I am from a Chinese family but I have always been obsess with the American culture. Although my family is not very happy with the obsession, i have always been trying to pursue it. I’m not very Caucasian looking even though i would love to be. i want to merge the “culture” of the Kardashians and my culture “china” and so i took inspiration from kids textbook fonts which is like comic sans from Chinese words, and chose my Chinese name.

I am a nudist.

This is heavy inspired by Tiago Caetano.
I love my body. I love the women’s body. I think it’s the most beautiful thing ever sculptured by god. However I have always wondered why our nipples are being censored, hence I uncensored it. I went with a nude color to represent the skin and the different tones of pink for the nipples. There’s a lot of different kinds of nipples out there, I wanted to show acceptance and embrace to all kinds of nipples. I did this because I wish to “normalise” the sight of female nipples.