Histories of Art 2: Essay Proposal

Compare two ceramics from the Tang shipwreck. Consider the following in your discussion: patrons, producers, materials, production, function, location and meanings. Introduction: Brief description of the Tang shipwreck off Belitung -Cargo consisted of Changsha, Yue, Xing and Guangdong wares -Changsha wares, majority consisting of bowls, formed the bulk of the cargo as most highly demanded Chinese ceramic export of the… Read more →

4D Foundation 2: Soundscaping

When I was a toddler, my siblings and I sometimes played PC games together on the one family computer. One of these games was I Can Be An Animal Doctor. In it, you went to different biomes and clicked on animals there to bring them up to the medical table. Sometimes they were quite obviously ill or injured. Other times,… Read more →

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