4D Foundation 2: Time, Space and Body (Individual Research)

“I realise the power of art that does not hang on the walls of galleries.” – Marina Abramović And so we begin a new project. I asked a friend what she thought of arresting controversial performance artists in Singapore, like for indecent exposure. She said, “They just need to use a better filter, the kind that reduces light hitting the… Read more →

Histories of Art 2: Essay Proposal

Compare two ceramics from the Tang shipwreck. Consider the following in your discussion: patrons, producers, materials, production, function, location and meanings. Introduction: Brief description of the Tang shipwreck off Belitung -Cargo consisted of Changsha, Yue, Xing and Guangdong wares -Changsha wares, majority consisting of bowls, formed the bulk of the cargo as most highly demanded Chinese ceramic export of the… Read more →

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