What is Bromance?

What is bromance? Looking at the definition from Urban Dictionary, it simply describes bromance as the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males. However, my personal definition of bromance means a loving relationship or bond shared between at least two individuals who call each other “brother” or in short “bro”.

To further explain my understanding, let us look at the “loving relationship or bond”. Even though the word “bromance” can be inferred as the word combination of “brother” and “romance”, this does not mean that the loving relationship must be romantically involved. It could refer to friendships or even siblings. In my opinion, the “romance” or “loving” essence in “bromance” simply shows that the two individuals are so comfortable or close to each other that they act lovingly, as though they are lovers.

I believe that a “bromance” can be shared between more than two individuals. It can also be applied onto women, not just men. This means that two women or a man and a woman can be in a “bromance” if the relationship they share is a form of “brotherhood” and they acknowledge each other as “brothers”. Thus, this also explains why a “bromance” can involve more parties. It is like any relationship we have with anyone (i.e. friendships, family, lovers etc.), so long as everyone is agreeable and acceptable.

To sum up, if all involved parties are together in this “loving brotherhood”, they can be seen as in a “bromance”.

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