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Semester project: Original pitch

We would like to read a specific word in some given number of languages. And represent the geographical heritage of that word through a lightning art piece. So for example if Jane says “kärlek” (the Swedish word for love), the colour of the Swedish flag will be reflected in the art piece.

The art piece would be places some place public where a lot of tourist/people from different cultures meet there’s not to much background noise. People would be approaching the piece and watch the instruction video next to it. Then connect through saying the given word on their language.

The technologies and material we would use in this project would be a microphone that not only can read amplitude, a server that we’ve found that can detect different words in different languages. For the lights we would need LEDs lamps/strips depending on the look of the art piece.


Jane Bertheim 
Cornelia Damber Håkansson

Themed presentation

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Interactive Device for Speakers

Dezeen has recently unveiled “Beep”, a clever interactive device developed by Gadi Amit studio. This little silver or bronze module broadcast music or radio from Internet when connected to house’s speakers. Its tactile dial function enable the user to stop music just by touching it.


Tape measure of the future

The Bagel is a smart tape measure designed by Bagel Labs that will allow users to measure areas an original tape measure never could. The company expects to begin distribution in November 2016.

Link to video

Implanted chip

Link (in Swedish – use Google Translate).

Previous work: Ubi-in-da-club

Ubi-in-da-club, makes your club the smartest of them all. When you enter the club, you receive a bracelet.  You can interact with the bracelet and it gives you all information that you need.

You don’t need a patch anymore, the bracelet connects to the hanger of your jacket. This makes it easier for the staff and also prevents lost patches.

The bracelet provides information to reduce queuing and therefore creates a better flow in the club. For example you can see which bar or bathroom that have the least amount of people.

The DJ can send out a vote, the title of the song is displayed on your bracelet. You can influence the music by voting the song up or down and the result will be displayed to the DJ.

Link to promotion video.

See more here.

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