1. Chancellor Aaron leans forward to me. He speaks into my ear forcing me to tell him where his forsaken brother, Joque is. I looked at him angrily and confused as I have no idea why he wanted to know his location since he is already ruling the place.

    He continues to interrogate me. It was a tough decision to make. If I told him where his brother is then would he be killed and I would be guilty for life but if I do not say anything, Karl and I would be in great danger. After much thought, I decided to tell him another location of Joque so that his brother could live longer while Karl and I would flee from his clutches.

    “I decided to tell you where Joque is, however you must free Karl and myself. We would never come back to your kingdom and no one will know how to get a face forever.”

  2. Karl wakes up and found out that he was again locked up. However, the lock of the cell was unlocked. He found himself lying on a comfy bed with white clean sheets. It was not a cell, it was a guest room. He was wearing new clothes that are also white. Karl being curious, sneak to towards the door as he was worried that he may alarm any guards.

    Karl unlocks the lock really carefully to prevent making any sounds. He put the rusty lock down on the cold but clean white floor slowly.

    He opens the door slowly.

    He sticks his head out to the white corridor to see what is happening outside.