Week 5 Assignment

This weeks reading Ch. 4 from Chipchase Hidden in Plain Sight looks into the mind set of how people interact with their belongings and how it changes their behaviors.

One of the things I found interesting was the range of distribution as a tool to conduct user study as well as the space around it. It would certainly be a useful technique in future observations as it widens the understanding of a certain user from how they perceive themselves to the way they perceive a certain space based on risks and conveniences.

The next point I found highly fascinating  is the Mesh system.  With all the access to the things we need without having to have ownership would certainly be a future I really look forward to. Let’s say in the future where every HDB apartments would not be allowed to have a kitchen built and as replacement, a common kitchen would be installed along every corridors. It would encourage social interactions with the neighbors, minimize food wastage through sharing of food. It could even increase sustainability towards the environment as the products or space shared would have an increase in its usage rather than being left to rust or disintegrate while unused.

Also, there could be a possibility in reducing crime rates and achieving social equilibrium as nobody owns anything but yet everyone has everything that they need. However, the enforcement for maintenance and sustenance has to be high for such a system to be achieved.
Qn 1: Would our ethical values be altered with an increase of availability of the Mesh system or would it be taken for granted?

Qn 2: With the aid of digitization and quick accessibility in point of reflection, how would we react with the circumstance of a network disruption?



Example of an ubiquitous service:

The concept of Airbnb is in short an ubiquitous accommodation. It is a service of allowing mutual sharing of homes by a host to a visiting stranger from overseas coming over as vacation or etc.  It provides further options and experience for accommodation to the guests instead of being tied down to staying in hotels and etc.


Example 2: Ikea Augmented Furnitures

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  1. Hi Nik! Really love the Ikea Augmented Furnitures concept as it shows how one furniture will look inside the real setting of your own personal space. This can truly help in your decision of whether to purchase it. Many times when visiting the showroom, the displayed furnitures may look really good there but it may not fit your home setting. Also, the size of the furniture can be gaged.

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