Peer-to-Peer Artistic Practice

We do not work in a vacuum: the reciprocal nature of the artistic process, of collective research and collaborative creative activity is essential to OSS. Methods of online writing have been developed to incorporate essential techniques of hyperlinking and media archiving to support forms of online documentation that can be accessed, linked and shared via the network. When the artistic process is approached in this way, each participant has more exposure to the work of others, a dynamic that is fundamental in the studio process. Regularly published updates of project work keep the artist in a fluid mode of writing, creating, documenting and exchanging ideas with fellow students. Each participant provides a window into their process, which tends to inform and activate the work of others. Rather than the studio being a solitary environment for private reflection, the virtual studios of OSS support forms of peer-to-peer practice that create a more transparent and open space for exchange, dialogue, and critique.