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Project Example of Interactive Narrative

1. Pierre Hermé X Nicolas Buffe

This is an interactive storytelling website that I really like because of its moving animations and interactivity with user. They present and showcase places and characters in the story is a visual form with just the necessary amount of text to give them sufficient information without overloading.

To keep users interested and involved, they require a small action on the users’ part to continue to the next part of the story:

The story also allows users to ‘take part’ in the story, allowing the user to feel even more immersed in the storytelling.

All in all, with the graphics, text, sound and interactive elements, I felt like this was one of the best experiential storytelling websites I have encountered.


2. The Boat



The programming for this parallax-scrolling website is interesting because of how the graphics and texts move according to the context of the story, to bring a one dimensional way of storytelling to the next level. For example, when the story reaches a point where the character’s boat got struck, the whole page – images & text included – makes a sudden jerk out of the page, as being struck. Paired with the strong audio, it makes the user feel almost as if they were experiencing the story themselves.


3. Fishing the Feed

Yet another parallax scrolling website example, it is suitable for this context as it feels like with each scroll, you are delving deeper into the depths of the sea. With almost every page, what accompanies the beautiful graphics is a video of sea creatures and animals at being captured, to show the reality of this dangerous situation.