in My Work, Project 1 Emo


Process 1

Mark effects by oranges, comb and some miscellaneous tool

Process 2

The unfinished Hot Pot

Process 3

More oranges, lettuce and cabbage

Had steamboat over the weekend with my family and had some leftover food such as Cabbage, Raddish and Mushrooms which all became my materials for mark making this week. tongue-outIMG_1261IMG_1262

The outcome of this mono-print was less than desired. In fact, it actually turned out worse than I expected with all the liquid oozing out from all the pressing creating a stench and worse of all, the imprint was disastrous that I did not even bother to take a photo of it.

But it did lead to other things, I tried to do it manually and created this


It somewhat look like a scene in the forest, looking across the river with the leave as the focal point.


More mark making done by painting over the materials…

I will try exploring ideas with Elastic Food Wrap, White Ink on Black paper next!

Benji out.