in My Work, Project 1 Emo


In the 3rd and 4th week of Mark Making Sessions, I used elastic food wrap and attempted on marbling to create my EMO lines.


Drying the strips after applying the strip onto the plastic food wrap


Applying a very thick layer of paint and started scrapping random cursive lines to create a pattern.7

The opposite what i did previously with different straight line markings created with a sharp object.

All in all, plastic food wraps are actually pretty useful for creating expressions on a thin strip of paper which was the dimension I chose to use.


It was the first time experiencing marbling and it was an interesting process. Tools that you will require are as follows

  • Tray
  • Shaving Cream
  • Calligraphy Ink
  • A wooden stick or chopstick (basically anything that you can swirl and twirl with!)

The step by step process is as follow

  1. Apply shaving cream onto tray, ensure that the shaving cream is evenly spread out and flatten it with a stick or your hand.
  2. Drip Calligraphy Ink onto the shaving cream
  3. Create your desired patterns with a stick
  4. Lay your strip of paper gently onto the pattern created
  5. Remove the strip from the pattern and let it run through waterimg_1338
  6. Let it dry and you are done!


This strip was the first attempt with cartridge paper which is not suitable for marbling with shaving cream. However, it was able to capture a very feint imprint of the design desired.

Coincidentally, it suited an emotion of my selection, Bliss.


A change of paper type managed to capture the design totally.


I used another piece to immediately capture the remains to see if it fits well together and it was pretty decent.


Attempt on trying to create a fiery design with a wet medium.


Eventually when your shaving cream runs out and the base you use to create your design with starts to look bubbly, you


Happy Marble Making guys! 🙂


By the end of these, I was really frustrated and started playing with fire to create some designs.


Firstly, safety, not to burn yourself and suffer any injury.

Secondly, A windproof lighter and one that isn’t has slightly different techniques, a second longer or shorter makes a huge difference between having the desired effect or just a huge hole on your paper!

Lastly, the quality of paper decides how quickly it gets burnt! A newsprint will definitely catch fire way faster than a cartridge paper.

Stay safe guys while burning paper!



Exploration of methods on strips