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My Line is Emo Pt 4: Self-Exploration

Hi guys! I am very excited about this post because I actually tried out something really cool and fun! But firstly, I want to document down what I have done way before I was introduced to OSS:


I wanted to document down all my work in a physical visual book at first, but I find OSS much more convenient! Anyway, I did some drawings and make some patterns using brush pen on the left, and on the right I use different tools such as spray paint, pastel sticks, acrylic paint and fountain pen ink to make some marks.

Image (21)

I also used spray paint to create marks. I first place a layer of sand and small stones on the paper and spray paint it over. It creates this a moody, galaxy-like print which is really beautiful. look at those gradient at the side!

Milk and Detergent Experiment

Here comes the exciting part! I came across a video on Facebook showing how a small drop of detergent on milk could create some kind of chemical reaction! If you add a few drops of ink onto the milk, it will create a cool marble-looking prints! The video below shows the experiment I conducted!

IMG_8362 IMG_8359Then I place the drawing block on top of the milk and left it to dry.

And then I digitised it by scanning the end product:

Image (22) Image (24) Image (25) Image (26) Image (27)

So there you go! A very short but fun experiment! I hope you guys enjoy it!