Final Project – DJ Ping Pong

Our final project is a multi-screen (3 x 5) display that will play videos when you place ping pong balls into the boxes.

Black ball – start video and sound

Red ball – start recording of 4 counts of 8 (only last column)

You can mix and match to sound to your liking and be a DJ yourself.

Project Members: Leong Kah Soon Lester, Kwok Ming Sheng, Phua Wei Jun


Initial idea: We started with the idea of having a multi screen display that will start playing a recording of the visitor whenever head movement is detected, it will play on the screen in the direction of where the visitor is looking at.

Final idea: We got some insipration from youtube video, where Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots collaborate an acapela.

And also from incredibox as well.

We then decide to create an almost similar multi-screen display but with a different kind of interaction with the user (refer to top for explanation).

And that’s how our project came about.

Downloadable video (3 parts):

part 1

part 2

part 3

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