Final Research Hyperessay

By: Randall Packer |

Each student will choose a historic or contemporary media artist not discussed in class to carry out independent research that draws from our study of new media history, theory and its concepts and forms. The artist can come from any country and culture so long as their work is tied to new media practices. The artist and their work should be relevant to our study of multimedia concepts and paradigms (i.e. integration, interactivity, hypermedia, immersion, collaboration, telematics, net culture etc.) and the Hyperessay should explore in detail how their work demonstrates interdisciplinarity through the integration of art and technology.

Students will create a weekly process post in OSS that incorporates techniques of online research and documentation we have explored and discussed this semester. Research will result in a Final Research Hyperessay of a minimum of 1,500 words with the additional of illustrative material and references in the form of images, video, hyperlinks, etc. The goal of the assignment is to utilize techniques of independent research we have addressed in the previous Research Critiques, and to demonstrate the ability to use OSS as a platform for collecting, organizing, documenting, and presenting research and writing. Each student on the last day of class will use theirFinal Research Hyperessay to give a 20 minutes presentation to the class, followed by discussion and critique.

Here is a summary of what is required in the Symposium Hyperessay:

  • Minimum 1500 words
  • Overview of the selected artist and artwork
  • Contextualize the artist and artwork using topics, readings, artworks, and artists discussed throughout the semester
  • The Final Research Hyperessay should demonstrate a summary understanding of the evolution of new media history, placing your selected artist and work into the continuum of this history
  • The Final Research Hyperessay should also incorporate an expanded vocabulary of terms and concepts discussed this semester, demonstrating that you have assimilated these ideas for the purpose of critical analysis of your artist and artwork.
  • The Final Research Hyperessay and the Process posts demonstrate that you have learned techniques of OSS for purposes of research and documentation by incorporating relevant images, video, links etc. to illustrate your writing
  • Incorporate relevant video, images and hyperlinks
  • Be sure your writing is clear, grammar and spelling is checked, and the formatting of text and media is carefully done
  • The Final Research Hyperessay should begin with an introduction that states the main topic and the essence of your analysis of artist and artwork, as well as a concluding paragraph that convincingly ties together your ideas
  • Be sure all media is used to support your argument, not just as illustration or visual effect. Media should include captions with a description and reference to where it was obtained
  • All photographs and screenshots should clearly illustrate your points and it is advisable to crop them if you need to provide closer detail
  • Be sure and check all your hyperlinks and make sure they open in a new window if referencing another Website
  • Use the category “Hyperessay”

The Final Project Hyperessay will be created in the following steps:

  1. Artist Selection: Each student will select an artist and provide a rationale for their choice. This will be discussed in class including an OSS post that provides a brief overview and image of the artist. Use the Category “Process.” Due: Tuesday, April 3rd.
  2. Key Work Selection: Each student will select and writeup in an OSS post a description of one key work of the artist. It is important to include any concepts, readings, and artworks that are relevant to the work you have selected.Use the Category “Process.” Due: Tuesday, April 10th
  3. Presentation: Students will complete their Final Research Hyperessay, giving a 20 minute presentation from the OSS post, followed by discussion.Use the Category “Hyperessay.” Due: Tuesday, April 17th

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