Project 1 Housekeeping instruction and New Reading

By: michaeltan |

Dear All,

Thank you very much for all the hard work and effort you have put in for Project 1! I really enjoyed the breath of exploration and the varied outcomes from each team. I think you all did really well and i am impressed by the quality of your outcomes. I hope you the process had offered you good learning points for you to apply the knowledge and experience in future projects!

A few house keeping matters:

Please update the “Research and Development” and “Final artwork” Categories for Project 1 with your previous presentations and design development.

Do remember to submit to me your peer review sheet


Lastly, please find the reading for Term 2, Do have a read at least Kwon’s article.

One_Place_After_Another Miwon Kwon

John coleman_landscape(s)-of-the-mind-psychic-space-and-narrative-specificity

Have a good break!




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