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New Media Arts Organizations:

  •, resource for new media, Museum of Contemporary Art, NY
  • Furtherfield, resource for new media in London
  • Eyebeam, media center in New York City
  • Steim, studio for electro-acoustic music in Amsterdam
  • ZKM, Center for Art & Media in Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Arts Electronica, media arts museum and festival in Linz, Austria
  • International Society for the Electronic Arts, annual media arts festival and conference
  • V2_Institute for Unstable Media, interdisciplinary center for art and media in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • CRUMB, curating new media listserv
  • Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), supports artists and creative practitioners engaging with science and technology, within Australia and beyond.
  • Digicult, is an “open publishing” project and a Network of authors fully open and directed towards the nationally and internationally promotion and dissemination of digital culture and electronic art.

Web 2.0, Telemecommunications and Social Media Resources:

  • Vimeo, video repository and social media site
  • Soundcloud, audio repository and social media site
  • WordPress, dynamic authoring system
  • Twitter, social media site
  • Adobe Connect, multi-user telecommunications software
  • YouTube, video repository and social media site
  • Flickr, image repository and social media site
  • New Livestream,real-time, live Internet broadcasting