Instruction for Uploading of Project 1 – Walking Home

By: michaeltan |

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the time and effort given to your work for Project 1 РWalking Home. I appreciate your willingness to welcome me and your classmates into the intimate place of your home, the insights shared through the diverse approach.

Continue to tease out the voice that is uniquely yours, and speak with conviction and passion so that we can learn and be inspired.

To round up the project, please post the work created for Task 1 (8 images) and Task 2 (Video) to your oss.

Please embed link of your video to OSS. You can choose to upload your video to online video platform eg Vimeo, Youtube

Create and assign a sub-category “Walking Home” to your post.

Please include the following information along side e:ach of your work

  • Title of the work:
  • Medium:
  • Work description:(Approximately 150 words)
  • Briefly Disucss: What might be some of the advantages, limitations and challenges of creating narrative using sequences of still images versus Moving image and the role you see sound play in ¬†your work.




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