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Project 3: Ego , FINAL

Hello, So here’s my final artworks for Project EGO. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Explanations   ROW 1 I WANT TO PLAY + The endless workload and responsibilities I have (Chinese words: Day and Night) = My reaction to it (Japanese words: I AM TIRED)   I created a more child like persona for my “Play” to show my unwillingness to grow up and… Read more →

Project EGO, Illustrating myself

Here’s some process images of how I illustrated myself. There are more ¬†(too shy to include them LOL) I had some trouble coming out with a style I really like, many times I felt that my illustrations looked too simplified, too childish or just too rigid. I decided to find more inspirations and study the different styles of artist I… Read more →

Project EGO, Inspirations

Hello, Here are my inspirations for project Ego. I’ve always been very interested in Japanese/Chinese (Asian) graphic design with a modern touch. Simplified designs to tell my story using clean lines, shapes and bold colours. ¬†Here are a few designers whose work I really love and have decided to incorporate their styles into my work.   Ikko Tanaka I really… Read more →

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