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Objective: Open documentation on “Singapore”, “Community”, “Design” to see what’s out there and interesting to me.

Umbrella Category: Singapore Community & Culture

Medium Type: Social Media posts, Online videos/article features, Microsites

Source Type: Singapore Ministries, Design Blogs, Social Media Accounts, Independent Initiatives

Date Retrieved: May – July 2021



References from Inside the Category



[TRIVIA FEATURE] Facebook/PAP: “Did You Know” photo album featuring unique structural features of Pasir Ris


[INTERACTION CTA] Facebook/NECDC: Social media contest to identify neighbourhood structures in NE Singapore for Starbucks incentive


[INTERACTION CTA] Microsite/NYC: Create personalised ‘SGMoji’ of yourself, complete prompts with personal answers about Singapore, share/tag abilities on social media, chance for creation to be “featured” on site


[INTERACTION CTA] Facebook/OH Stories: Social media trivia contest to promote agency’s project of immersive audio/visual experience of Jalan Besar during New World Amusement Park in 1970s


[TRIVIA FEATURE] Facebook/Jocelyn Teo, Wilfred Cheah: Article features of Singaporeans’ handicraft work of miniature local items such as kuehs and provision shops. Interesting to see overwhelming vocal and social media support.



[TRIVIA FEATURE] Facebook/Pok Pok & Away: Singaporean illustrator using 360 imaging to create explorable scenes. Interesting due to personal take on Singapore and overwhelming support and followers on social media (from millenials) due to works.



[DESTINATION FEATURE] Website/National Museum of Singapore: Promotion of newest pop-up exhibition (until 29 August) at NSM in collaboration with The Straits Times. Features collective memories and documentations of Singapore’s Housing, Healthcare, Food culture, Residential Living, citizens’ perspectives, etc via audio/visual, smell, digital features, photographs, artefacts. Features ‘Instagrammable’ zone decorated as pink void decks.


[DESTINATION FEATURE] Facebook/SG PCN Cyclist: Member sharing of newly opened coffeeshop concept at Woodlands featuring iconic Singaporean structures. Note: Conceptual design only covers 1/6 of overall space, the remainder follows conventional logistics.


[SUPPORTING INFO] CNA: Minister Heng speech about building a ‘Common National Identity’ going beyond bilingualism, individual cultures.


[SUPPORTING INFO] Our SG Conversation: Compiled responses surveyed from over 10,000 Singaporeans with open-ended questions regarding their aspirations and hopes for Singapore’s future




References from Outside the Category



[IDEA FEATURE] Facebook/In The Now: Features Japanese F&B business model of hiring Alzheimer patients as wait staff. Celebrates differences and ‘disabilities’ as special experiences with individual patients rather than trying to ‘fix’ them. Why this is interesting: bridges gap between stigma of Alzheimer’s and “normal” functioning society in a surprising immersive in-person F&B context rather than passive exhibitions/seminars/viewing.


[IDEA FEATURE] Collective Efforts/Did They Help: Microsite that documents help rendered to social movements (BLM, LGBTQIA+, Covid-19 relief) by recognised millionaires/billionaires/people of large affluence. Why this is interesting: delivers and pacifies passing thoughts of netizens “hmm, I wonder how Elon Musk contributed to _____”, delivered in a fun, light-hearted, easy to digest manner.


[IDEA FEATURE] Sol LeWitt: App that uses AR/phone’s native motion capture settings to deliver AR experiences of a day in the life of artist Sol LeWitt and his works. Why this is interesting: Combination of native phone’s motion detection + AR + visual interface is somewhat new (?) rather than pure AR games or pure 360-degree images, etc. Provides relevant information and visual stimulation. Something to consider during COVID times?



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