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Assignment 1 Sketch

Take the words you used described when prompted by question “What is the feeling you associate with HOME?” and create a SKETCH of how you might visualise this sensibility.  How has this changed due to Covid-19?


Longing and connection are terms I associate with HOME; people who I enjoy company of, and spending time doing things with. Covid-19 has brought about many changes to our lives, our movement around the island, and our routines.

The way I am thinking of visualising this is to setup a repository of recorded life experiences, a family meal at the table, a hike in the forest with friends, a day at the beach, window shopping at the mall. These experiences will be recorded visually and aurally, and with the help of a homemade projector, and a good set of earphones/speakers, one can setup his/her space(be it indoors or outdoors) and partake in an activity with other people. These experiences will also be location encoded, so a relevant experience can be automatically activated in a certain location; e.g. a forest walk experience in park.

This concept shares similarities to the location-based triggering of audio scapes, with an additional optional visual element.

The visual experiences(take the family meal example) will feature simple setups to mimic the real experience, including steps like meal prep, cooking, serving, then meal time and table chat.


Update: 7 Sep.

An aural landscape can help recreate a scenario quite vividly, even without means of visual cues. Through this, connection to loved ones can be made, albeit fleeting. The participant is presented with a set of sounds. There are a few categories of sounds: ambient environment, people conversation, secondary sfx(like rain, water flowing, etc.)

Depending on the type of scenario the user would like to recreate, he/she can choose the appropriate sounds, adjust each layer’s volume, to tailor his/her aural experience to a specific setting.

Layers of blurred images are mixed procedurally, and projected faintly to a screen in front of user. These images relate to the custom-made aural landscape, and provides a hint of the scenario’s lightscape.