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Foundation Drawing | Final Project Research/Process

I’ve started on my final project for my drawing class. I’ve researched on three artist as can seen above. I like their paintings and I’ve fallen in love with the ideas of collages and putting them together in different ways and forms. The different elements (landscapes, cityscapes and water) and i’m playing with the space of how to align them and organise them in one way or another. I have put together two collages above in hopes to depict what i’m trying to portray in my head. Hopefully i’ll be able to research more, collage more and choose my final design for my painted pieces.

Meanwhile, i’m playing and sketching different landscapes, trying to explore paints and how to achieve the textures, tones, colours if I were to replicate my digital collages.


  1. since u r using collaged images please be alert that the edges r not working directly. u need to study how the edges could be modified to fit the mood u want and work towards image unity.

  2. Think about the proportion of each tonal range when you plan the mood. That will help you decide your design different edges too.