Psychology of Clothing: Dressing on purpose

Dressing on purpose

Another article by an image consultant talks about putting in efforts of dressing on purpose for certain events will affect the way we think and behave. Our thoughts and behaviors to are the reactions we give based on out physical experiences.

Research shows that wearing a white lab coat makes you feel more focus, helps you function at a higher level and lets other see you as more intelligent or professional

What we wear do affects the way we think, respond, act or behave hence the author highly recommend us to dress on purpose that will best influence or develop our behavior.

The author recommends that if we don want to over eat we should wear a tighter belt which somewhat reminds us of eating smaller portions subconsciously. Using smaller utensils also helps, like spoons, fork and especially a smaller plate.

How fashion helps us control our behaviour

The best way to control your behavior – and your life – is to take control of the things that control you starting with your immediate environment.  Even a small improvement in your dress and grooming can affect a large improvement in your behavior.  Make your clothes part of your positive personal style, propelling you toward success in all you do.

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Introduce this concept into wardrobe organization?


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