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2D Project 2: Updates

“A sailor went to sea, sea, sea, To see what he could see, see, see”

My concept is based on “what the sailor sees” on his journey to sea. With a nautical theme in mind, I drafted out many compositions, playing with scale a lot to show different perspectives of the ocean/ how big the sea is. I’ve tried incorporating optical illusions in some of the compositions too.

I used the same ship in every composition to show a sense of flow in story. The subtle placement of the ship in every piece will evoke curiosity as it’s supposed to be the main focus, yet it’s “hidden” amongst other things. The first composition features a gigantic octopus + spider, which represents the sailor’s greatest fear – SPIDERS. The second composition reflects the effects of global warming and pollution e.g. mutated sea creatures. The final composition shows a hand holding a bottle, with the ship in it. This adds to the ambiguity of the work as the audience will be curious to find out if the sailor is on the ship or actually outside of it.

After studying dadaism and surrealistic art, I’ve come to a conclusion that they are wacky and don’t make sense most of the times. I guess that’s the beauty of it! I was excited to work on this because I’ve always been keen in this art movement as it gives us a sense of freedom to express our ideas.

Initial Sketches



2D Assignment 2 (1)

Sailor’s greatest fear; spiders

2D Assignment 2 (2)

Effects of pollution; mutated sea creatures

2D Assignment 2 (3)

Is the sailor in the ship or is he outside of it?