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Week 1 & 2: Transfer Printing

For my 1st lesson which was on week 2, we were trying out transfer printing!

I was introduced to 2 different methods in class by Ms Galina. The first is dry transfer using crayon drawings which can be iron onto the fabric.

Paper Drawings with Crayon

Result after ironing onto fabric

I really enjoy this method, however the crayon does not really transfer evenly onto the fabric so it is patchy at some parts, perhaps due to the amount of crayon I coloured or the texture of the fabric. However I still enjoyed this method as it allows me to use more graphic elements as I am the only controlling the drawing and I can control the crayon more easily.

The next method we did was the wet transfer method. This involved using a wet transfer ink and painting it onto the paper, and then similar to the dry transfer crayon method, iron it onto fabric.

Wet transfer ink on paper

Result on fabric

The good thing about this method is that the texture does come out more even, however as we are limited to the colours that are available in class, I prefer the dry transfer method!

I was sadly unable to do more exploration this week as I had to rush both transfer methods during 1 class!