in Rhymes (final)

Mary Had a Little “Lamb”? Rhymes (final thoughts)

final thoughts

My art is trashy and so am I

I honestly was afraid someone would judge my work as simply “shock without substance” aka Damien Hirst detractors (not that I think Hirst’s work is great and all but you get my point). The reason for why I chose to work with such risque subject matter was that I was just really interested in it and had been wanting to try applying it to a work for quite some time. This assignment gave me the opportunity to do so I just went with it. It wasn’t just about dumping porn and gore since I really thought about the composition and considered the meaning of the images in relation to the chosen rhyme. Personally, I was quite sick of doing things subtly,the whole minimalist trend going on and all the pretension with false social justice preaching(especially on Instagram…getting real personal now hah) so I just wanted to go all out and be direct about the things I was interested in even if it is not widely accepted. I love the excessive and trashy low art so I didn’t even try to present mine neatly all prim and proper. Instead, decided to place my images above the random trash bin I found in a corner for presentation. There was a certain sense of thrill whenever the rest threw their scraps into the that trash bin while we were preparing for presentation. While I feel like I could have made my compositions and images a whole lot messier and trashier, I am still quite satisfied with the end product and glad that some of you liked it too:)

I mean like…thanks for bearing with me during my presentation…

P.S. Yes, for those who don’t know, I did enter the trash bin in that photo…