Red Dot Review

Of all the art pieces at Red Dot Museum, the one that attracted me the most was SPREAD’s Life Stripe exhibit. Each colour represents a certain characteristic. The exhibit itself collected a series of data of ordinary people, to study the things they do in their daily live. It was interesting to see what certain group of people spend most… Read more →

Product Design II – Self Field Trip

IKEA TROFAST Storage combination, light white stained pine, black $124 The price reflects selected options Article Number : 692.409.03 Children need room for play – and good storage for toys like TROFAST – a series of sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes that your child can easily slide out, carry and put back again. With the recent trend of… Read more →

Manifesto – Time, Space and I

在時間的某個角落,在我沒留意到的地方,我找到了屬於自己的聲音。 I found my voice in the most unexpected place, and time. 時間 (/shíjiān/shi jian): Time 聲音(shēngyīn/sheng yin): Voice I believe that an artwork is created on the basis of personal experiences. As seen from the many different types of art movements, it represents an idea, philosophy, or goal that it represents. For an idea, philosophy, or goal to manifest,… Read more →

Final Research Hyperessay

Hypermedia is a form of a [1]extension to the term hypertext. It is usually presented in a non-linear fashion and comes in various forms such as photographs, videos, audio, and hyperlink. The creation of hypermedia is inspired by Vannevar Bush’s ideation of Hyperlink – [2]”the process of tying two items together”, which developed from his concept of a memex. Thus, this… Read more →

Key Work Selection – Beijing 2003

Out of his many works, Beijing 2003 stood out to me, as I found it relatable to what is happening to Singapore today. Beijing 2003 is one of his documentary series that records the development of Beijing’s urban infrastructure and social conditions.  In Beijing 2003, Ai recorded every road that is within the Fourth Ring Road, beginning at Dabeiyao (大北窑)… Read more →

Artist Selection – Ai Weiwei

I first came across Ai Weiwei when I was watching a documentary on China’s political issues. Ai is one of the world’s famous Chinese contemporary artist. He was one of the artists that constructed the famous Beijing’s National Stadium for 2008 Summer Olympic, which many know it as the Bird Nest. However, what made Ai stands out are his highly… Read more →


Postmodernism is a broad movement that developed in the mid to late 20th century, and it marked as a departure from modernism. Postmodernism stretches across different fields such as the arts, philosophy, architecture, and even science and technology. Although postmodernism only started to develop in the mid 20th century, the earliest postmodernism work was found in the 1940s. It started to… Read more →

The Age of Information – Reading Response

Massimo Vignelli Quality, like Modernism, is an attitude, which means that one does not go below a certain standard. Quality is a way of living, a life attitude and a constant fight to eliminate any hint of vulgarity from one’s mind. Indeed, the idea of quality is the same as modernism. We accept what we deem as modernity, which is the… Read more →

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