Deliverables 3 – #Flush_the_Fomo


Due to the advance and growth of trends, teens are constantly having a “FOMO” addiction which is the fear of missing out. “FOMO” is a type of social anxiety. Teens are not able to leave their phones for a short period of time because they felt that staying connected is not to miss out on something that is exciting. John M. Grohol from Psych Central argued that FOMO addiction causes many to check on their phones while driving. He said that “ the Connection is more important than their lives”. The issues of teens are constantly having “the fear of missing out” is serious as it can cause problems to their mental and physical health. Hence, it is an issue that has to be improved.

Teens who are suffering from being “FOMO” mainly owns a social media account. Many are not aware that they are feeling “FOMO” as it is socially accepted. In 2016, had a unique workshop that includes 6 teens who felt similar. One boy mentioned that when he saw his friends out together, he somehow felt sad and lonely. Surprisingly, the other teen said that she too felt “sad and left out” when she saw her friends on social media. With the incessant worrying about what their peers are doing, it causes teens to keep up with their appearances instead of their self-identity. Eventually, teens who are “FOMO” suffer from low self-esteem which makes them susceptive towards mental issues like depression. Based on research done by Ashford University, teens are constantly “updating” and combing through social media as they would like to be “better” than their peers and it provides them with the false impression of being connected. This has already been a safety hazard. In 2017, more than 3000 lives are lost as drivers are distracted by their phones while driving.


Primary Audience – Teachers, Peers and Parents

Secondary Audience – Public

Targeted Audience – Teens ( 13 to 20 years old)


DELIVERABLES 1 – Ambiences in the School Toliet 



Create awareness and encourage the public to motivate one another towards finding the Joy Of Missing Out  “JOMO”

Mainly to Educate the teens to be aware of the issue and start encouraging towards themselves and their peers leading them to feel the “JOMO” joy of missing out. 


This FOMO Kit will be also used by the MOE School counselor to help students on their journey to Joy of missing out.

Collaborate with all the schools in Singapore from Primary to university schools.




FOMO – “Fear of missing out”


To start the campaign, I have created an ambiance in each of the toilet cubical in the schools. I have created content that makes the participant look away from the phone and to the message. The message will be a motivational message that brings awareness to the participant that they should take a rest from the phone and social media. 

Firstly, after entering the toilet cubical, they will see an artwork hanged behind the door. The artwork would be the starting point to bring awareness to my target audience from ages 13 to 20 years old. The message will be motivational that helps to attract their attention to the artwork. The end message will be a rewarding message example “ Great Job, you survived without looking at your phone !”. It helps to give off an achievement and motivate them.

Secondly, after they are done with their business they would turn around and see the flush button. There will a message that says “ Great Job, You have to flush the FOMO ”. It will bring awareness to the issue and encourage the users to flush their FOMO.

After coming out from the toilet cubical, the ambiance will end off with a personal message at the back of the main door before the leave the toilet. The message will bring them to the booth to take the “FOMO kit”. From the kit, they will have an in-depth message and healthy ways of dealing with FOMO.