Deliverables 4 – #Flush_the_Fomo



Create awareness and encourage the public to motivate one another towards finding the Joy Of Missing Out  “JOMO”

Mainly to Educate the teens to be aware of the issue and start encouraging towards themselves and their peers leading them to feel the “JOMO” joy of missing out. 


This FOMO Kit will be also used by the MOE School counselor to help students on their journey to Joy of missing out.

Collaborate with all the schools in Singapore from Primary to university schools.

After they are out of the toilet, the message will bring them to the booth to collect the ”FOMO kit”. 

In the FOMO Kit, there will be steps to follow to help to reduce and improve the fear of missing out. The first thing the user will see is the #steps to follow the card. On it, it indicates different steps to follow. They will start the journey to be aware of the issue and improve the fear of missing out. 

Step 1 – Situation Card 

To start, I want to create a real-life situation that I have found in my research. Many of interviewer has face issue whereby they tend to judge their fear of missing out base on the number of likes on Instagram. They want to create the best version online and it is why a situation card helps to bring awareness by telling them it is alright to feel this way and whether they are facing the fear of missing out. Not only that, they could take out the card and paste it together with the ( Share your thoughts board at the booth).

Step 2 – Danger of FOMO

Click the link to Full Book: Danger #Fear of missing out

To go in-depth into the issue, the Danger book is educational whereby it tells the users what they have faced that could lead to the fear of missing out or what is right and wrong. At the end of the book, it will encourage them to flush their FOMO and knowing how to deal/ improve with FOMO.

Step 3 – FOMO Tracker

Click the link to Full Book: FOMO_Tracker

To my target audience, that wants to improve on themselves. The FOMO tracker is the next step to track their goals to reduce the duration of social media. This tracker aims to help them to find happiness by reducing the usage of the phone. In the tracker book, they are recommended to use every day to keep track and work towards their goal in reducing the usage of the phone.

Step 4 & 5 – Share your thoughts & Tell a friend

There will be 2 different card one is blue and another one is yellow, the yellow card is a message card whereby the user can write and spread words on the issue to their friends and encourage them. The Blue card is to write their thoughts on FOMO and paste it on the “share your thoughts” board at the booth where they have collected the Kit. So that everybody can see and learn from one another.

To end off the FOMO Kit, I want my target audience to share and spread the message of fear of missing out to their friends. At the same time, to encourage and help one another to go through the phrase of improving themselves. 

In conclusion, in this project I want my target audience to feel that it is alright to feel this way and not too harsh on themselves because they feel the fear of missing out. At the same time to help them be aware of the issue and improve on themselves. Overall, this project has been very interesting and challenging as I have learned an in-depth of the issue through researching by observing, surveying, online article and interacting with people. I have learned new information from many people and I want to help them as well as myself on the issue.