[DRAWING] 30 Composition Ranking – Photos

1. This is my favourite composition as there is balance between the foreground, midground and background. The elements on the chair are also clearly visible from an engaging top-down angle, where we can see details on both the top of the tissue roll and box. The small flap on the tissue roll also creates an additional shape outside of its regular cylindrical form, adding to the visual interest. Angel’s beautiful hands were also accidentally caught in the frame, giving me more reason to like this particular composition. But aside from that, I also like how the shorter 2 items and the chair occupy only the bottom half of the composition, contributing to the overall balance. They remain fully inside the frame, but the chair in the foreground and easel in the midground have parts exiting the frame, which adds on even more visual interest and compositional activity.

2. I love how the shapes are very clear and distinct in this composition. we have a hemispherical shape for the bowl, a long cube for the box, a cylinder for the tissue roll and a triangle for the extra flap. The flap is facing us, sort of like it’s inviting us to tear it. So is the opening of the box. This composition looks very welcoming and even though the midground is not very interesting or apparent, I like this composition quite a lot.

3. I also like this composition which is quite similar to the first, though it is not my favoutie as I think that the midground is too cluttered and is at risk of attracting more attention than the focal points in the foreground.

4. This is a very tilted, unusual angle, which makes the composition feel a bit bizarre, almost like they are going to fall. I think that provides quite an interesting perspective, like I’m flying, and about to land on top of the objects. I also particularly like how the hole in the chair is visible, creating a cool negative space.

5. I like how the flap of the tissue roll creates a soft wavy shape. There is also an interesting midground. I think there is a pretty good balance in this composition as well, though it could be better with some minor cropping such that the focal points (box bowl and tissue) do not sit entirely in the middle half of the composition.

6.This is different from the previous compositions as the items are now much further away and smaller in the frame. I think it’s interesting to establish the size difference between the items, the chair and the easels in the midground while also maintaining a nice visual contrast of space and volume through how high up the items are in the frame, showing the height of the chair.

7. This composition has the focal points taking up most of the space in the foreground, while leaving enough room in the back to show the midground and background slightly. It is effective but not as interesting as the previous compositions in terms of balance, scale and shapes.

8. I like the negative space in this composition, but I think it could be better with some cropping so that the items on the chair do not take up exactly half of the bottom half of the composition.

9. I think it’s interesting how the easels midgruond are converging towards the horizon line in the background, but I feel that the foreground composition could be improved. There are very clear parallel lines between the box and tissue roll as they do not intersect each other in this particular perspective, and that creates boredom and removes visual interest.

10. The items on the chair are in a nice composition with no tangent lines and weird cropping but I think the perspective could be improved such that the top of the cylinder can be viewed to add more visual interest in the composition.

1. This composition is the most un-unique and boring as the bowl occupies almost the entire frame and leaves very little room to explore the other 2 elements. We cannot even clearly tell what the object on the left is. There is very little visual excitement and too much symmetry in this composition.

2. This was shot from lower than eye level, but not low enough, thus causing the top of the box and tissue roll to be a striahgt line, which is visually unappealing. There is also too much empty space on the top right. It is, however slightly more interesting than the first composition due to the fact that all elements can be seen, although not to it’s full aesthetic potential.

3. This composition is rather similar to the previous, but has a slight improvement as we can sort of make out the top of the box now with its highlight, and there are more items in the background, allowing for more compositional activity.

4. This has the merits of the previous composition and the edge of the toilet roll is loose, which adds more shape to the composition, but the focal points of this composition are too central. There is a lot of empty space on the chair in the foreground, which is pretty unneccesary and distracting.

5. Again, the same problem as composition 4, but we are now able to see the top of the tissue roll, which adds an ellipse shape in the composition, adding to visual interest. However, there is also too much unneeded space on the left and right, giving the illusion of symmetry, making it rather boring.

6. This has similar problems to composition 5, but with the removal of the extra space on the left and right, the composition feels slightly more occupied and engaged.

7. This has an interesting relationship with the background and the tissue roll took on a striking shape, but the chair is cropped at a weird tangent at the edge and it can be distracting and annoying to a viewer. It is also still too centralised and would look slightly better if the chair and everything on it would be shifted a little to the left and cropped more at the bottom.

8. This has a refreshing and unusual angle that is rarely viewed as it is below eye level, which looks interesting to me, but the bowl is being covered by the 2 other elements on the chair and now there are only 2 elements, which causes symmetry and removes interest.

9. The fold on the tissue roll creates a triangle shape, adding to visual interest, however the bowl in the midground is blocked by the foreground elements. We can see part of it, but we cannot make out what it is.

10. In this composition, the focal point is inside the bowl, which is interesting and different from the previous compositions, but the side of the bowl is cropped just a little bit, which makes it frustrating as it might as well not be cropped at all.

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