[3D] Shadow Box (Memory)

Create a shadow box that represents an abstract idea from your object story based on a memory.

My object:

Old glasses

My concept: 

I’ve had myopia ever since kindergarten and it was a huge deal back then as not many kids wore glasses. I was bullied for wearing them and even adults kept telling me that I’ll be blind when I grow older. That instilled a fear of turning blind. Soon, my myopia reached 800 degrees on both eyes and I couldn’t see shit without my glasses. Until I’ve had lasik earlier this year, I always had a strange paranoia of “what ifs”. What if I got kidnapped and I can’t even see my attacker’s face? What if I got stranded at sea and I can’t even find land? What if I’m out one day wearing contact lenses but it falls out and I can’t find my way anywhere? Etc etc. I’ve always been jealous of people with perfect eyesight and I really wanted to wake up in the mornings and be able to just see stuff. Thus, I went for lasik surgery and it helped me with this issue. When I was younger, I thought that it would be nice if my old eyeballs fell off my face and new, good ones grow back just like teeth. Unfortunately, that day didn’t come. I wanted to play with the concept of eyesight, as well as my lasik surgery in this box as it played such a big part in my life.





Explanation on objects in the box:
Round white balls the size of teeth: to symbolize eyeballs falling out like teeth.
Glasses: to represent the last time I ever wore them.
Lamp, light bulb and glass pyramid: to represent light reflecting into the eyes. (sight)
Eye drops and contact lenses: related to sight.
Butterflies and paintbrushes: to represent the fear of being unable to see, leading to being unable to make art like I used to.
Wire net: to obstruct your vision
Blurred out eye chart: to show what I see. Instead of letters, it’s replaced with animals to represent how I’m more afraid of being unable to sense danger than being unable to read.
Galaxy: in the shape of binoculars to show that the universe is all seeing, magnificent, just like our vision and we should all appreciate it.
Everything else there is for aesthetic purposes, for the sake of composition and colour.

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