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22 Oct Update

These weeks has just been trying to focus on building the materials and assets that I need.

Updates according to timestamp:
00:03 – 00:07 Plastic simulation 1 using noise
Using instancing was ODD. I was expecting the instances to move according to the noise it was fed but instead, it was just noisy particles coming out of the original model

00:08 – 00:12 Plastic simulation 2 using particles
Instead, inserting a particle system and populating the model with it and then adjusting the wind/turbulence played out better. Though if there is a way to redraw this such that it does rebuild itself in rectangles that would be better.

00:12 – 00:17 Bottle cap underwater simulation
00:17 – 00:22 Glass shard underwater simulation
This rendering works better for solids with distinct features such as the ridges around the rim

00:26 – 00:41 Moving the pt cloud 1
Connected to kinect and the pt cloud seems to just be rebuilding itself at the ‘new’ spot

00:42 – 00:57 Moving the pt cloud 2
Using an attractor makes it move smoother but now it’s just shooting everywhere

00:58 – 01:03 Populating a system with multiple assets