DOW Health: FreeStyle Libre

Here’s how you can be one step closer to being a Cyborg. First, have diabetes and then, get yourself a set of FreeStyle Libre.

FreeStyle Libre is designed for diabetic patients as an alternative to the traditional way for monitoring blood glucose levels. In past way, to check blood glucose level, patients had to prick their fingers with a lancet (sharp point needle) and then add a couple drops of blood onto a checking strip. This strip is then inserted into a meter, which would then give off their blood glucose level. Patients would have to do this procedure a minimum of 4 times a day (depending also on the type of diabetes) to manage levels and to reduce their risk of developing a range of diabetes-related complications.

So what FreeStyle Libre does for patients is that it eliminates the need for a fingerstick routine and with each scan, provides:

  • A real-time glucose result
  • An eight-hour historical trend
  • A directional trend arrow showing where glucose levels are headed

Freestyle Libre system consists of a small fibre which pierces the skin into the interstitial fluid, a thin layer of fluid that surrounds the cells of the tissues below your skin. It takes the glucose readings and stored in the sensor. A ‘reader’ device is passed over the sensor and the last 8 h of readings can be transferred to the reader. It is simple and discreet.

(And to sound less like a commercial:)

Think barcodes at the supermarket, but now you’re the product. A quick scan of the barcode and you get the price of the product. Similarly, a quick scan of the sensor and you get your glucose readings.

This is an image I took from their website, which you can see that besides the reader and the sensor, there’s also LibreLink, which is their app that can be used in place of the reader through NPC connection, and there’s LibreLinkUp App, which allows for your data to be shared through that online cloud system.

With that, it brings me to one of the biggest pros of this device. We all know that the world is currently in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and having this system would mean that patients to continue to connect with healthcare professionals remotely. For diabetic patients, having their healthcare team be up-to-date with their progress means being able to strategise effectively and eventually shortening the time to achieving key clinical targets. So, by not having the virus outbreak break be a hindrance to patients recovery journey makes this device a real advantage.

Another pro point to this set-up would be the convenience that it brings. As compared to a simple scan on the phone/reader, I would believe the traditional finger pricking method to be a total nightmare- can you imagine the process of having to find a clean spot, wash your hands, sterilise the lancet, force out blood etc that many times a day? And not to mention, this process feels so intrusive! If it was me, I am not sure how much discipline it is going to take for me to keep up with it everyday. There bound to be patients out there who finds it hard to sustain this routine as well and in turn deteriorating their condition; so, having the option of eliminating the whole hassle seems like a huge plus for me!

One point of improvement could be an implementation of live feedback when glucose levels fluctuate drastically. It could simply be a visual indicator or a hepatic vibration, I think this would help patients be notified of their symptoms especially when they are distracted and can then take immediate action before situation gets worst. Such implementation would improve the device to a continuous mentoring system rather than one that only works in the flash.

I’ll be leaving out the analysis of scientific concepts and accuracy in readings because for obvious reasons that I too have no idea how to make it any better. But in conclusion, I do think the design of FreeStyle Libre is a real good example to show how much technology can improve the mundane chores of everyday life. By creating something up-to-date, something revolutionary, not only makes things so much more efficient but I assume it would also encourage patients become more engaged in their care and recovery process. FreeStyle Libre’s idea of a quick scan is undeniably life changing.

Reflections on Hamlet on the Holodeck

One revelation that sparked in my head when I was reading this piece was the fact that the four essential properties of creating a digital environment (namely, procedural, participatory, spatial and encyclopaedic) was not all establish at one go, instead this concept is only pieced together over time.

We start off by observing that digital environments are procedural through the example of Eliza. How rules that were created within Eliza’s responses that allows for behaviour and the embodiment of a therapist character. Though in my opinion, relatively rigid, this guides participants towards creating a narrative within the system.

Next, we see how Zork has evolved to include a participant into the system through its gameplay. It now focuses not only the rules but shifts towards what the participants was experiencing. Being able to more vividly engage the participants through challenges, Zork was able to evoke a sense of consequence- which is why I feel like there was a sense of participation as compared to Eliza.

To add on, Zork also gave a perception of space through its response content. By implying that the surroundings of the game could potentially affect the result of the game, this heightens the sensorial experience for the participants and have now suggest that there is an environment to navigate around. Analysing Victory Garden, the environment in and of itself already dramatises the message behind the piece. In both pieces, the environment plays a vital part to enhancing the narrative.

Lastly, looking at the many works that embodies the property of “encyclopaedic” , it seems to me that humans have evolved to really enjoy snooping around. For sure, there are still limitations in terms of what can be found and read but yet the idea of being able to take it in within your own time and sequence seems to grant this sense of assumed freedom which in present time seems to be a necessary trait for something to be immersive/ “living-in-the-moment”.

All in all, to me, I actually enjoy the fact that the idea of interactive narrative is constantly developing. There is still so much more ways and beauty to be discovered. For sure though not every way is going to be receptive but the fact that humans grow with these developments feels like theres a sense of challenge. Challenging humans to think and be comfortable with the way certain stories are being told but also to challenge storytellers to go beyond the unimaginable. The challenge seems awkwardly assuring and I take heart in it.


We chose to expound on Provocative object.

Project concept: Our project is based of trying to break the notion that ‘mensuration’ should not be talk about freely. Especially in an Asian context, we see girls who tend to hide their pads as they head to the toilet or even to not bring up the pad talk when there are guys around. Hence, we are here to break that taboo and also to get people to strike conversation about anything mensuration related.

In order to get people talking, after consultation, we decided that our entire project should should head towards the direction of making it palatable for other to talk about it.

The initial idea was to have a gum ball machine where it will dispense an egg, with an SD card in it, after a tweet with our hashtag been posted. The contention was to get people talking online and to social engineer conversations in the third space. In return for contributing, they would get to hear tips/tricks/hacks derive from someone else’s experience.

The gum-ball machine was representative of the uterus and the egg-the unfertilised egg.

However based of out first user test, which can be found here:, we realised a few things that needed to be changed.

  •  Form

Mainly that the slope was not steep enough and made worst with the weird shape an egg was in, hence we had to change that.

After the test, 2 other reiteration of the slop was being made. The right was made without the consideration of where to hide the electronics where as the left one was the latest rendition.

Next, based of Alicia’s comments of the gum-ball being too prominent and the message was unclear, we decided to have the gum-ball machine as a the shape of the uterus. Fenella suggested using paper cut outs with this as the inspiration.

Next was shopping for the container of the gum-ball.

We went sourcing for the perfect sized container.

These were mainly the parts we had to fix with regards to the form, working towards final project.

  • Coding

We needed a tweet with a particular word to activate a servo.
As for the coding, we went through 4 main stages.

  1. Blynk+IFTTT+Arduino
    For this stage, we mainly had Lei to take us off into the world of coding and had alot of help. With Blynk as the middle man and IFTTT as the one securing the Internet for the tweet that was made by us, the issue we had with this system was that it took too long before the tweet was sensed and a signal is being sent to Arduino to move the motor. Also, we also had to find a way to get the servo to move back and forth. Hence, with a tad back research, we decided to try Processing instead.
  2. Processing+Arduino
    Processing file:

Mainly at this point, we got to using twitter API which we realised mainly that this was a reoccurring element that need to be used through out the various methods we hopped around.

Basically, what what wanted out of this system to work was the same as the previous. However, the problem with this was that what processing did was to collect the latest 10 tweets to bounce around instead of filtering real time. This caused our servo to just be executed once even though now it solved the previous problem of not being able to move back and forth.

3. Python+Arduino
In the midst of still trying to solve the tweets real time, we stumbled across Python and we did it!

code found here:

With the library: twitterAPI , we manage to get the tweets being filtered out real time! This can be seen in our previous post here: 
We attempted to link this to Arduino however, it was a struggle. I tried using the module Pyserial.

After consultation at this point, we concluded that it could possibly because Arduino uses C# which might be why the connection is wonky/doesnt work.
Hence, we decided to use either circuit playground or raspberry pi.

4. Python+Raspberry Pi

We settled on Raspberry Pi eventually because of the same language that is being used. 

At this point even though twitter APIs are being used, we decided to change it the library to Tweepy instead of TwitterAPI. We also used Pigpio to control the PWM being released to Pin 11 because initially without this the servo kept jittering.

And with the Raspberry Pi it worked!

After the code was done, it was to decide what shall be in the egg.

The initial plan was to have an SD card and get people to hear another story. However, after much feedback we decided to scrap that because the ‘reward’ factor was not appealing enough to engage the audience. We thought of using a QR code, we also had the idea of even stuffing a pad into the egg so that we give other the opportunity to touch a pad in public if they hv no done so to normalise that scene but after discussion we decided to settle on a gift. We decided to sew cute anthropomorphic pads out of white felt and stuffings.

This was coupled with a note.


(Back) Either of this tips

We went along with this because we wanted to the keychain to be a conversation starter for others even in the physical whelm. To have this project go on even after presentation crit.

On the actual presentation, we decided to go for a more cooperate style set-up.

We decided to live stream the hashtags that was coming in as well as instructions.

and finally our end product!
This disposing box was also a suggestion we incorporated from our first body storming.


Personally, this project has taught me a lot.
Coding alone, I am proud to say that I have gotten the basics of it down through the long tedious process. It was truly that a lesson of you don’t learn until you personally try it out. Even though there are is still so much I don’t know, and also still a little slow, at least it acts as a stepping stone towards something bigger.

As for the contention of the project, I also felt connected to it. Coming into this mod, I knew I had interest for the Social Media Sphere. I am thankful that in this project I was able to drive it into that space as well. Indeed, even for the second portion of what should be in the egg, I am also constantly in the process of questioning ‘What is the point of XXX from happening?’, soon I came to learn the psychological ‘rewards’ system of a human behaviour. That was incorporated into the project with trying to come up with a ‘high reward system’. The keychain might be small however, it has lasting effect hence, I am glad we went ahead with it even though it was relatively time consuming and I had doubts about it initially.

This project was packed with a good interwinning of technical and emotions which I really appreciated because in the border picture, I could really see technology being bridged with the arts.

I am really glad that the audience loved it as well! I believe the palatable aspect of the concept have also been embedded nicely with the use of a fun gum-ball machine and keychain.

Thank you for this project!

Project 2: Zine: Locale

DISCLAIMER I have no intention of slander. What is portrayed is in line with an experimental art direction I am trying out. Thank you 🙂 


Location chosen: Katong/East Coast

I chose this location because just solely based on space, it just seems like theres so much to explore!

Together with previous knowledge, I headed down to Katong and during the visit, I realised I could categorise Katong into 3 different groups.

Upon entering/ being in the area, the first time I noticed was the distinct shophouses. Traditional Peranakan is probably the most prominent attribute of Katong.

With a bit of research, Katong was a dwelling place for the wealthy which hence attracted the English-educated middle class, including Peranakan and Eurasians. 

Vibrant colours is clearly distinctive to the Peranakan culture to reflect of its vibrancy.  In its food, it also acts as a quality control to ensure that the colouring is due to the use of natural foods. Coconut and coconut flakes is also very prominent in the making of the kuehs because Katong, where the Nyonya’s reside, used to be filled coconut plantations.

Apparently, the reason why these houses are painted so vibrantly was due to the fact that this houses were meant to be villas when the rich came to take a seaside vacation before land was reclaimed and the shores lines got pushed back to the east coast area.

While being in Katong, I came to realise that there was 2 shopping complex that was a distinct contrast to the Peranakan scene.

As per observation, Roxy Square and Tanjong Katong Shopping Complex is more refined as compared to the other parts of Katong due to the air-conditioning and the tiled floors. However, due to it’s quietness and the lack of patrons, it actually gives off an eery vibes. This is further emphasis by how there is quite a number of shops that are closed and with the metal shutters down. Maybe due to their lack of renovation, they use dim lightning as well. The energy there is very dead- it feels as if these people/ shop tenders are just running their business without any sense of belonging. There were beauticians, tailors, dodgy jewelry sellers and also old school food courts.

After doing some research, Roxy square seems to be once a thriving cinema owned by the Shaw brothers and they were the first in the cinema operating industry. However, it ceased operations and the cinema no longer existed.

As for Katong Shopping Centre, it was also once the first in the air conditioning shopping malls. However, it is among a few malls going through en-bloc sales where the government is like “re-claiming” the shops.

In general, I think that there is so much left unexplored to this aspect of Katong because of the over glamorisation of the “prettier” side that kind of over shadowed the old true gems of then thriving Katong. 

It was also obvious, just like almost every other part of Singapore, Katong has largely been infiltrated with a lot of modern cafes and chill pubs.

The hipster exposure given Katong a very laid back chill vibes. Nothing is fast paced because there’s no offices around but instead just really like rows of restaurants/eateries. Not to mention, the high number of caucasians in the area also helps because (stereotype) they really know how to enjoy and are of much slower pace.

Initially I wanted to pick just one sole category to focus on for my presentation. However, after consulting Joy, for the presentation, we concluded that instead of just focusing on one, I could perhaps analysis how one aspect of Katong is affected by/affecting the other aspects. This is so that I won’t limit myself right from the start.

I ended up picking how Roxy Square was affected by its surroundings.

The first stage, I did a small scaled text interview with my 5 of my friends.

General consensus that I got is that the mall is generally run down and its customers group is generally its old returning ones.

It seems like Roxy Square actually saw increased patrons when the condominiums surrounding it currently started to sprout. Yet, at the same time, competition has also increased with the arrival of i12 and the previously mentioned hipster lane across it, both of which appeals more to the younger generation.

The second stage was to do an online research.

Online, there seems to be limited information on Roxy Square. Hence, for this portion, I mainly focused on Roxy Theatre.

Taken from: 

Roxy Cinema, in 1931, was thriving and very popular.

The weekend morning shows were equally popular with people rushing to tie handkerchiefs on the wooden chairs’ armrests to reserve seats after paying 50 cents.

What accounted for the popularity can be contributed to the pilots coming from the near-by Seletar Airbase and Kallang Airport.

Roxy Cinema was then sold by the Shaw Brothers in 1978 and now stands in its place Roxy Square which was completed in 1984. However, Singapore went into its first post-war recession in 1985.

The third stage was to head down once again to find out from both the shop owners and patrons on their opinions on Roxy Square.

As for patrons, I wanted to come with something interactive as a survey method so as to act as a conversational starter as well as to not scare people away. Hence, the following were adopted.

This board was that they could coil their responses around their answers.

This one was so that they could stick and vote their top 3 adjective of Roxy Square.

Upon doing this exercise, I find that patrons were actually coming back to Roxy Square often. The reason for this was because the nature of services that Roxy Square offers require them to come back again- such as tuition centres, laundry services and tailoring services.

As for shop owners, I did a short interview with them and these are a few questions that was posted:
1. How long have you been here for?
2. What made you want to stay?
3. What changes have you seen through these years?

(Screenshots taken from the video interview, faces blurred out just in case they are uncomfortable)

In the interview, it can be observed that the shop-owners have been around for a long time. Most of them retain their old customers. Currently, the MRT construction has caused them inconvenience because of the removal of Roxy Square’s overhead bridge which led to the flow of customer traffic to decrease. However, they still stay optimistic.

In conclusion, I feel that Roxy Square have lost its glory days. In my opinion, Roxy Square’s future seems bleak. But, I can see that shop-owners are still pinning their hopes on the MRT construction to hopefully see revival in its patron counts.

Full Presentation compilation can be found here:

Part 2

Bridging into Part 2, I wanted to bring across various aspects of Part 1 into Part 2. I wanted to bring across the concluding point in Part 1 as my message.

Going into this, I wanted to have interactive elements as well to make it feel like a personalised and homemade zine, which I felt was the beauty of zine.

My inspiration for the zine are:

I wanted to go for a grungy style as well because the tone for my zine is going sarcastic regarding the developments of Roxy Square.

My initial sketches for the zine was:

First Page

Without much thought, I just wanted to pluck the logo into the middle.

Spread 1

Page 2 to mark make with elements of Roxy Square such as its grill doors and its tiles. This is so that I can bring across the still-ness of Roxy Square and how low its patron-ship is.

I drew inspiration from:

B O U N C E by Narciso Custódio, via Behance

Page 3 was to have a quote and make a slit at where the adjective is. The purpose of this will be explained later.

I drew inspiration from:

EVERY FREEDOM NEEDS A FIGHTER Creative Poster via Behance

Middle Spread

For page 4 and 5, I wanted to have many many pictures of corners of Roxy Square, this is because I wanted the middle to be an overwhelming feel of loneliness and sadness. The pictures would show empty spaces.

I also did this because with regards to Page 3 which have the cut outs, this would read the quote’s adjectives with emptiness and loneliness. The quote which is originally

The cinema was popular with Katong residents during weekends, the highlight being the Saturday night screenings. Some of the screenings were so popular that there was a black market for tickets once the screening was sold-out.

Would then become

The cinema was popular with Katong residents during weekends, the highlight being the Saturday night *depicting empty spaces and up to viewers interpretation*. Some of the *depicting empty spaces and up to viewers interpretation* were so popular that there was a black market for *depicting empty spaces and up to viewers interpretation* once the *depicting empty spaces and up to viewers interpretation* was sold-out.

I really wanted this portion in because I love how it would act as a window from page 3 to page 4 and 5, symbolic of how Roxy Cinema’s glory days was lost and foreshadowed how Roxy square is moving into a bleak future. Also, the whole point of having a picture instead of a word also helps with leaving it up to the reader’s interpretation since the future is always up to someone to predict and not fixed.

Spread 3

As for Spread 3, I wanted to do coupons because this was symbolic of how the businesses at Roxy Square provided services but what value of the return is contradictory.

Page 6 was also to further emphasis the results of the findings, of how the nature of the services require a re-visit which is why patrons comes back more than once.

Page 7 is to emphasis as well that it almost seems as if the only mode of transport to the mall was by MRT and not any other means because of the amount of significance placed on how much the construction of MRT could help the mall.

I was intending for this coupons to reflect the olden SMRT tickets.

Last Page

For this last page, it will be the back of the coupons. At the back of coupons, it will usually end with ‘Terms and Conditions’, so that is what I intending to create a set on my own as well.

Initially also wanted to add a tag at the back in reflection of my survey method but removed it because it didn’t aid in sending across my message.


Initially, I wanted to mark make elements of Roxy Square onto the 2nd page. However, due to size and space constrictions, I turned to making cardboard prototypes to mark make with.

I would consider this a feel because the mark made follows very closely to the cardboard texture which is not reflective of the actual gate material. With this jagged texture, in my opinion, doesn’t send across the sense of stillness which I was looking for. Hence, I decided to scrape the idea.

For the quote, I tried out the lino-cut method at first just to tie in together with the mark making initially. I attempted to keep it only in the right page however, I experimented with spilling into the left page and also changing the orientation of the alphabets.

Overall, even though this method does give off the handmade feels which I was inclined to, there were a few things that I realised after.

  1. I didn’t appreciate the font that the alphabet stamps came it. It was too fun for the message I was trying to send across.
  2. The placement of the cut outs, which is affected by the quote, is too symmetrical when I reflect it.

I also started on laying out the front page.
With just plucking the logo of Roxy Square into the front, I also used the same lino-cut set of alphabets to do up ‘GONE WRONG’. However, i still didnt want to settle on it because for me personally, the balance of it was off.

Going digital

Spread 1

To begin, I went to get film captures at Roxy Square because the filter that a film camera has is very uniquely homemade as well.

I started off with the layout of the first spread. Took me a while to be pleased with the sizing and distance between each.

At this point, it also came to my attention to be alerted of design motifs and colours which we could bring into our zine.

With the following as reference,

I wanted to use Red and Green to emphasis important information because of the logo. Also, incorporated the font element of having the negative space filled through my zine.

I attempted at adding this iridescent title design to Spread 2. However, the colour overlay has led too way too much details being lost. Even in the midst, I also wanted to attempt at Risograph printing. However, with Joy’s suggestion not too because even then a single colour, it will cause my details to be lost.

Hence, I decided to scrap the idea.

Final spreads:

First Page

Ended up going back to the tiles look and attempting to make it look like its falls apart, together with ‘GONE WRONG’, it was to convey the skeptical future of Roxy Square.

At this point, I didn’t want to use different font even though in the punk style, it was common and evident for different fonts to be used. Hence, I decided to colour in the negative space myself to make every one alphabet different.

Also, incorporated a paper cut-out style together with drop shadow to enhance the punk homemade style. As for the background, an ivory paper texture was also chosen for the same reason.

Spread 1

As previously mentioned Spread 1 was more of a prelude into Roxy Square so it showcased what Roxy Cinema was but with the windows, it shows a sneak peak of Roxy Square. The three lines on the left also hints at the fact that Roxy Square didn’t do as well due to the recession.

This is how the windows/slits look like. I have also added illustrations (such as the screen of the word ‘screening’ and ticket details for ‘tickets’) surrounding the slits so that the meaning of the quote is not entirely lost.

Spread 2

I have colour coded the images. The red ones are those which uses symbolic objects to send the message such as a smokers corner with no smokers or even 2 sales signs to heavy promote. And the green ones are empty spaces of the mall. This changed arrangement is to work hand in hand with the first spread.

As for the initial plan of just putting images, Joy suggested that I should perhaps illustrate small portions onto the second spread of how it would have looked like in the past so that the contrast is evident and that the message would be much clearly brought out instead of just purely staring at many photos.

However, with the lack of confidence in my illustrations skills and that the fact that with the window element it could all be too much, I decided to bring back the 3 words from the survey results. With the aid of words, this helps the viewer understand the spread more.

Spread 3

Spread 3 was the coupon spread which turned out to be my favourite spread because it send the message clearest in my opinion and also my voice is evidently heard through the use of my own handwriting.

I decided to use photos from the site straight. I specially used threshold on the SMRT and arranged the logo and details so as to bring out the MRT construction process.

Last page

Last page’s Terms and Conditions brings forth the sarcasm of how the MRT will only be (predicted) done by 2024 and Roxy Square has to last til then.

I bought the 45mm skip rotary cutter from Art Friend and made them actual coupons!

Overall, I am quite happy at how the zine turned out. A little interactivity, a fresh idea, photography- everything that screams me. Along the way, I have also learnt so much about using various elements to send my message across. Considering layout was also very new to me. Genuinely enjoyed myself for this one!

Project 1: Image making through Type

Before we embarked on this project, we had to do a short exercise on a name-tag. We illustrated our name form to portray an aspect of ourselves.

I used the alphabets ‘Y’ and ‘D’ to form the frames of a sunglasses. Presented in the Memphis style, this was to bring out my inner fashionista attribute.

For this project, we were tasked to leverage on the characteristic of an alphabet to create an imagery which represents 4 different occupation we want to have, realistic or not.

Personally, I knew I wanted to go for dying trades because I have a passion for these trades and it would be interesting to find out more information on why each certain trade was dying.  This eventually became my message. In the right places, I believe I could use Typography to bring out the different elements as to why each occupation was fading out.

Initially, I did not want to limit myself to 4 specific jobs but there were a few I felt drawn towards. Specifically, it was ice cream uncle, letterbox flyers aunties, shoe cobblers, hawkers.
After research, a few articles came to my interest:
With that, fish monger and tombstone designer came into the picture as well.

These were my sketches:

After the consultation with Joy, I drew it down to the Ice Cream Uncle, the Fish Monger, the Tombstone Designer and the Letterbox Flyer Auntie.

1. The Ice cream Uncle

For this composition, I was intending to just use ‘H’ because its geometric features resemble the iconic rectangular block of ice cream most.  However, I came to realise that I had to grounded my message into the composition.

So why was the occupation fading away?

  1. It is outdoors under Singapore’s scorching sun with no aircon.
  2. The ice cream requires a lot of strength to cut through.
  3. In the F&B industry, ice cream uncles bound to have to suffer through some cuts.

Hence, in order to implement that, I toy-ed around which some aspects of the compositions.

  1. In order to bring out that there was no aircon, I drew sun-rays in reflection of the knife using ‘A’ alphabet because it’s angle reminds me of however a ray would look like.
  2. In order to show that it requires a LOT OF strength, I emphasised the veins and wrinkles on the hands using my cursive full name because its curvy nature resembles those.
  3. I used angular alphabets in my name to portray cuts in the hand but its how cuts would look like.

My work in progress:

At this point, I knew I need to implement more textures and continue to blow up the emphasis on the alphabet.


2. Tombstone Designer

According to, the reason why this occupation is fading out is mainly because of the increasing scarcity of burial plots.

I wanted to bring that out by showing that empty spots in the burial lands in which no tombstone was taking up that spot. I did so by portraying the empty spots with ‘D’ and ‘a’ in my nickname ‘Dan’ because of the negative space present in the alphabet. ‘n’ will be placed in as a tombstone still standing to show the contrast.

The initial struggle was trying to layout this concept. At first, I went for a top down view. However, it was there was no depth to it.

Joy’s suggestion was to do a front view instead, this way it would better bring out the “emptiness” of the negative space as well. Hence, the change in layout.


If I had more time, I would have added a pair of hand working on the tombstone because I want to further emphasise that it is a dying trade but has not been totally faced out yet.

3. Fish Monger

According to, this occupation is fazing out because of its unglamorous side- having to deal with smelly fish guts, and it being a laborious job.

I attempted to bring that out with my Chinese name characters 何怡丹. I chose this set because I need both the curly strokes to represent the fish guts considering its curly and the straight strokes to represent the unforgiving knife cuts.

This piece was rather successful in the translation from sketch to the final piece and the message was driven across clearly because the strokes mainly centralised and gathered on the focal object of the chopping board.


4. HDB Flyer aunty

There was a few reasoning on why I felt that this occupation was going to die.

  1. A lot of residents have opt for their letterboxes to be shut so just as to avoid the flyers which they don’t need from these distributors making the demand for this job to drop dramatically.
  2. Sustained injuries such as paper cuts could be a possibility as well.

The initial layout was a very tight scene of how the flyers were inserted because this takes a lot of resemblances of the ice cream man layout. However, upon consulting joy, the composition was too tight, it was not able to portray whatever I wanted to show behind my message. Hence, in my final it shows a shift in perspective.

I utilised my initials ‘H’ ‘Y’ and ‘D’ because I felt that these 3 alphabets had 2 different characteristics. ‘H’ felt very rigid because of the straight lines hinged at the middle , whereas ‘Y’ and ‘D’ felt more liberty because of the curves to it.

Hence, in order to exploit this, I left flyers in stuck in the letterbox in the arrangement of ‘H’ whereas those that flew out was in the shaped of ‘Y’ and ‘D’.


If I had more time, definitely would have worked on textures and also to work the human hand aspect in as well with the same reasoning as the previous.



Project 4- Poetics of Time

This was my initial proposal:

Feedback from Serena:

  • Concept relatively strong
  • With regards to the commentary, I needed to have more focus on the element of ‘time’ rather than my experiences- the linkage needed to be stronger.

Hence, I updated my commentary:

I made it more explicit by separating it into paragraphs of ‘time passing slowly’, ‘time passing fast’ and ‘time not measured w my experiences anymore’.
In order to incorporate more time elements,
Within ‘time passing slowly’, I used actual minutes to depict the slowness.
Within ‘time passing fast’, I used the comparison within past and now.

Work in progress:
There were a few distinctive changes I made to my video.

  1.  I wanted to give my video a context- why I went off Instagram.
    So, I got my friend who inspired me to get off instagram to record what he told me:

    His recording was use in the background in the first portion.
  2. While editing I realised that the time I need to insert the stop motion of the clay morfying was too long for it to just cover my voice-over of 2 lines. ‘At first, time past really slowly’ and ‘time feel like it was zooming pass’ so I decided for it to cover the last para instead. This was for the better since I wanted to audience to give attention to the lines of the last para instead of being over-whelmed by the visuals.
  3. Subtitles
    Besides the fact that yellow is most read-able colour to use for fonts, I wanted to use yellow fonts also because it will add on the indie-film edit i was going for. Very much like: Caroline Koning’s Love storiesChallenge:
    So, since was a personal project turned to 4d project which went on for about 6 weeks, I had ALOT OF FOOTAGES.

    This meant that I needed to think of which to filter and how to arrange.
    I mainly took inspiration from Wong Kar Wai’s works.

    Rain shots:
    I used a lot of rain shots, both in day and night time to evoke a sense of sadness and loneliness. This was when time felt the slowest.

    Dynamic camera movements:
    I used such shots when time picked up just to show that everything wasn’t still and to show contrast to the previous segment.

Time was our zero-sum game-

I really enjoyed the project, it gave more depth to just a simple personal project. I came to realise time is a very unexplored genre I have yet to play around with- excited for more to come next sem.

I really you guys enjoyed the piece!

Here is the reaction and feedback I got from the class:

In-Class Assignment: 10sec Performance Art

What would engage me? What would I want to watch, hear, taste , feel, smell? (experience)

Brainstorm of events that last about 10 seconds:

  1. Taking 2 big gulps of bubble tea
  2. Bending down to take my drink from the vending machine
  3. Opening the ferrero rocher wrapper
  4. For a popsicle to stop smoking heavily
  5. To finish pouring the bingsoo milk
  6. Wait for the polaroid to finish developing
  7. To finish chewing on a pearl
  8. Pluck my earpiece in and start listening to music
  9. To finish putting mascara
  10. Putting on lip tint
  11. Deciding how to pose for a photo


I decided to use the time taken to gather for a photo to represent 10 seconds because I wanted everyone to feel an emotion during the 10s. By inducing a common goal of being in the photo, I manage to get everyone to have a sense of togetherness and engagement during just a short span of 10s.

The final photo that came out:

Mnemosyne’s Scent: Scent Model and Fashion Piece


Some Behind-The-Scenes pictures:

 In attempt to texturise and give my bottle a gritty feeling

Had to carefully pick and carry a huge branch from Canteen 2 to ADM
Then have to modify the branch by cutting it down and also heat gunning it to twist and intertwine with our pole

Spray painted our SD and SO foil metal for a more clean, exquisite, androgynous vibe

Spray painted our pole with a stone texturising spray in make the pole in line with my bad scent of air freshener because this would replicate the road

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed our piece.

Project 3: Impossibilities of Being


20 Places

  1. Dream country: Cuba
  2. Where I want to live: California
  3. Most vivid dream: In the drain
  4. Favourite movie place: The VR space of Ready Player One
  5. Favourite hotel: Juvet Landscape Hotel
  6. Place out of access:
    1. North Korea
    2. Galaxy
    3. Heaven
    4. The Whale that swallowed Jonah
    5. Noah’s ark
  7. Who needs help:
    1. Female Kids
    2. Rohingya Muslims
    3. Chinese sold woman in North Korea
  8. Small spaces:
    1. Water pipes
    2. Watch/Clock
    3. Typewriter
    4. Bottle
    5. Starbucks cup
    6. Earpiece
    7. Ear piercing

STAGE 2- Hi-fi Storyboard

1st idea storyboard 

Feedback at Stage 2

  1. Too monotonous
  2. Needs more extreme happenings, such as someone giving birth and throwing the baby into sea, to show that a long duration was passing even though it was just 1 minute

However, before continuing to Stage 3,

So, yes, I went back to my list and decided to re-do with Idea 4.

New Storyboard:
2nd idea storyboard 

Really glad given the limited time, the second idea didn’t turn out too shabby

Final video: 

This video is titled ‘The OASIS’ to pay tribute to its inspiration. This short video is inspired by the film Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. What you see is my character, which looks like me, in a virtual reality space. So in Ready Player One, avatars were able to gain coins the VR space by playing games in different sectors, to buy stuff in the real world such as gears, running tracks ; so similarly, in my video, my avatar was initially worried because she had no more cash left.

Also, in the movie, there were many retro references made such as RoboCop, Startrek, so I tried to do something similar by using a Windows pop up, Super Mario’s coins, sound effect and the avatar was also playing a game based of a old cartoon show Blue’s Clue.

Why I chose this concept, because I wanted to show how cartoon, game made sound effects can merged with real life sounds can come together simultaneous to form cohesive. It might be a virtual reality space but you can still use real life sounds to aid the message you are trying to send across.

The Process

Filming and organic sounds were done by me.

I mainly used the technique of Foley, such as, to recreate the sound of
1. the first contact of the hands with the cloth hangers: i placed a metal straw into a cup and swirl it around
2. arms swinging: i grabbed the curtains and dragged it down really fast
3. footsteps: i used my leather wallet to hit against the table because leather would provide a soft tension upon lifting up
4. body stretching: tore tissue paper and recorded the sound just before the breaking point.

These are a few examples. I mainly looked at tutorials and researched  online. Such as:
Then I varied the real-life sounds to give depth to the actions such as how hard i’m hitting the shelves

I have also given sounds effects to the actions my avatar made, such as, her head spinning, her body stretching and her eyes opening to exaggerate her actions and these sound effects were from Creative Comms.

I also had voice-overs to let you hear what my character is thinking, and to provide engagement. 

You would have also heard a constant background sound to signify the time passing which has been manipulated to become louder as time is running out

Then the computerised sound effects such as the ‘Round 1’ ‘Game Over’ Narration or the Mario coin sound effect to tie the whole retro, VR theme together.

Hope you enjoyed my documentation!

In-Class Exercise: Sound is

Munch, Fenella and I worked on:
The Story

Thoughts and reflection:
My group chose to believe that sounds could also be tied to emotions and even have a metaphorical element to it. With that we decided to make it a story based on family interactions. We told the story in 3 perspective, silence which comes from a personal point of view, noise creating the setting using environmental sounds and listening as a form of respond and actions taken in the story.

If we had more time, I would definitely have liked to clean up the poem by having more interactions with people of the family through the various sounds because characters such as the grandma was only mentioned once.