Project 4- Poetics of Time

This was my initial proposal:

Feedback from Serena:

  • Concept relatively strong
  • With regards to the commentary, I needed to have more focus on the element of ‘time’ rather than my experiences- the linkage needed to be stronger.

Hence, I updated my commentary:

I made it more explicit by separating it into paragraphs of ‘time passing slowly’, ‘time passing fast’ and ‘time not measured w my experiences anymore’.
In order to incorporate more time elements,
Within ‘time passing slowly’, I used actual minutes to depict the slowness.
Within ‘time passing fast’, I used the comparison within past and now.

Work in progress:
There were a few distinctive changes I made to my video.

  1.  I wanted to give my video a context- why I went off Instagram.
    So, I got my friend who inspired me to get off instagram to record what he told me:

    His recording was use in the background in the first portion.
  2. While editing I realised that the time I need to insert the stop motion of the clay morfying was too long for it to just cover my voice-over of 2 lines. ‘At first, time past really slowly’ and ‘time feel like it was zooming pass’ so I decided for it to cover the last para instead. This was for the better since I wanted to audience to give attention to the lines of the last para instead of being over-whelmed by the visuals.
  3. Subtitles
    Besides the fact that yellow is most read-able colour to use for fonts, I wanted to use yellow fonts also because it will add on the indie-film edit i was going for. Very much like: Caroline Koning’s Love storiesChallenge:
    So, since was a personal project turned to 4d project which went on for about 6 weeks, I had ALOT OF FOOTAGES.

    This meant that I needed to think of which to filter and how to arrange.
    I mainly took inspiration from Wong Kar Wai’s works.

    Rain shots:
    I used a lot of rain shots, both in day and night time to evoke a sense of sadness and loneliness. This was when time felt the slowest.

    Dynamic camera movements:
    I used such shots when time picked up just to show that everything wasn’t still and to show contrast to the previous segment.

Time was our zero-sum game-

I really enjoyed the project, it gave more depth to just a simple personal project. I came to realise time is a very unexplored genre I have yet to play around with- excited for more to come next sem.

I really you guys enjoyed the piece!

Here is the reaction and feedback I got from the class:

In-class exercise: Project 3 Re-visit

Project 3:

  1. Rhythm
    Background music: there is a sense for rhythm in the background track after o:12, its a beat made by the drum
    this was used to establish a sense of anxious-ness because time was running out
    Visually: repeated occurrences of 90s references can be seen throughout the video such as windows pop-up, blue’s clue etc.
  2. Movement
    in this film, you can see that theres a lot of exaggerated movements, when my avatar was shocked, my avatar WAS SHOCKED. there was a lot of pacing up and down together was hands gestures to show anxious-ness too.
    As for camera movement, I didn’t manage to do it Brooklyn99, The Office style because I was on a tripod. But I did attempt on sense types of shot instead, such as wide, mid, tight shots.
  3. Causality
    I think there was clear causality in terms of playing the game: upon finding the clue, you gain a point. I think what was unexpected was when the timer ended even before I found all clues.
  4. Duration
    Even though we were given leeway of more than 1 min, i felt i could tell my story within a minute so I stuck with the project brief expected duration of 1min.

In-Class Assignment: 10sec Performance Art

What would engage me? What would I want to watch, hear, taste , feel, smell? (experience)

Brainstorm of events that last about 10 seconds:

  1. Taking 2 big gulps of bubble tea
  2. Bending down to take my drink from the vending machine
  3. Opening the ferrero rocher wrapper
  4. For a popsicle to stop smoking heavily
  5. To finish pouring the bingsoo milk
  6. Wait for the polaroid to finish developing
  7. To finish chewing on a pearl
  8. Pluck my earpiece in and start listening to music
  9. To finish putting mascara
  10. Putting on lip tint
  11. Deciding how to pose for a photo


I decided to use the time taken to gather for a photo to represent 10 seconds because I wanted everyone to feel an emotion during the 10s. By inducing a common goal of being in the photo, I manage to get everyone to have a sense of togetherness and engagement during just a short span of 10s.

The final photo that came out: