Speculative Sketch: Save space camera

So if you dont already know, data is a trendy and essential thing. But where does all these data go? Sure you have heard of this saying, “lets save it to a cloud drive, we dont literally mean a CLOUD drive.”. In fact, there are actually stored in data centers on many servers, sometimes also known as server farms.

With this in mind, I would like yo bring your attention to this quote from Straits Time.

Scientists have predicted that, at this rate, the world will run out of data storage capacity in 181 years’ time – even if every atom on earth were used to store data.


OH NO we’ re in troubleeee.

DOW IoT: Descriptive Camera

I will be expounding on Descriptive Camera from Matt Richardson to address this issue. What the Descriptive Camera does now is that it describes what is seen in the photo. But in my ~genuine~ opinion, with internet feeding us images and information all the time, I honestly do not see why I need a camera to tell me what an item is unless the item is hella INTERESTING.

So this is brings me to my (crazy) idea: A camera that you got to log into with ur social media accounts and whenever you take a picture with this camera, it will tap into the algorithm thingy that social media uses to keep you addicted to your phone by suggesting what you might like based on what you’ve seen. But this works in reserve, instead it filters everything in that photo you have seen too many times and is no longer interesting. This will leave you with just the interesting portion of the captures.

In my head, this means if a particular genre of photo has been taking too many times by the whole world, to the point that you can search online for it and find something similar, the photo will practically not be taken because its a black photo. Eventually deleted, in turning SAVING SPACE.

Sure it will also be a vicious cycle to the rest of the internet that revolves around images. Now even IG can reduce its space storage.

Overall, this is my primary thought. I think this camera can also speak for many other issues. I could see that if this camera gets employ, it could create a rat race to see who can upload whatever first- looking negatively, this could be talking about society’s obsession with trends; positively, we could say this is pushing for innovation. Who really knows?